• What is live shimmer backdrop?

    What is live shimmer backdrop?

    In the advertising business, the main thing is that in the end we get the result, and the goods and services find their buyer. How can live advertising help in this? Sequins create an effect of movement that the human eye more readily recognizes in the general stream of daily visual information. To do this, small pieces of plastic - sequins - are collected in special dynamic sequin wall panels.

  • Have You Updated Signs from Sequin Wall Panels for Spring?

    Have You Updated Signs from Sequin Wall Panels for Spring?

    A good sign should attract attention, be informative and beautiful. Live signs that use sequin wall panels help to attract attention and decorate a store, salon or club. Sequins are small pieces of plastic on which the image is applied. They create the effect of a moving picture from a simple breath of air or vibration. No additional effort is needed, only sequins, a breeze, and a good design idea.

  • Why you should choose sparkle sequins for advertising?

    Why you should choose sparkle sequins for advertising?

    You can talk as much as you like about what should be good for selling advertisement. But for your offer to be noticed by the buyer, you need something unusual, such as sparkle sequins. For advertising, these pieces of plastic assembled in a panel, are perfect.

    Because they create the effect of movement without the participation of electricity, they are clearly visible and durable. From panels with sequins, you can create banners on the facade, signs, use these sparkle sequins as elements of interior advertising. Simplicity and reliability, the effect of reflection of the light flux and movement are what is needed to effectively attract attention.

  • Billboard sequins will help attract customers

    Billboard sequins will help attract customers

    A beautiful, eye-catching sign boosts sale. A live sign does it better than a static ad. For success, it needs a good design, the right size of sequins and a good composition. It is not necessary to give the entire surface under sequins. Indeed, with the help of these pieces of plastic collected in dynamic panels, you can draw attention to a certain part of the billboard or sign, creating a bright accent.

  • Production of Advertising Signs with Sequins

    Production of Advertising Signs with Sequins

    Sequins are small moving elements with the help of which the effect of movement and reflection of light is created. Production of advertising signs with sequins can increase their effectiveness. After all, the human eye is more willing to respond to movement than to an image, albeit bright and original.

    A sign with sequins is visible from afar, attracts the attention of potential buyers, does not require additional power to create the effect of movement or light reflection. If you decide to order advertising or attention-grabbing signs, you should pay attention to the designs with sequins.

  • Sequin Advertising Signs

    Sequin Advertising Signs

    Sequins are good not only as an element of decor or some interior decoration. Sequin advertising signs are more effective than static images, less capricious and less expensive than LED or light boxes. It is not only about the cost of the product itself, but also about its maintenance.

    Sequins do not need constant care. It is enough to install and periodically clean from dust. This is a truly living sign as it does not need electricity to create a magical dynamic effect. Only sequins gathered in panels and a slight breeze or just vibration. The sequins are swaying - the advertising picture comes to life.

  • The best sequin photo zone

    The best sequin photo zone

    The best gift for the participants of a holiday, wedding, public event is beautiful photos for memory. A sequin photo zone and the skill of a photographer is all that is needed for the success of a festive photo shoot. This is not just a picture or composition in the background, but a dynamic structure that can create the right mood during a photo shoot.

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