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Summer and autumn are the best time for a wedding ceremony in nature. And for sure for such a holiday you will need a festive, unique, unforgettable photo zone. When it is made from sequins, it will be just like that. Because, unlike a static picture of an ordinary photo zone, dynamic sequin panels make the image move. At the same time, panels with sequins for the photo zone do not need a power supply, special care and complex installation.

Wedding photo shoot in nature

You can say why set up a special photo zone when nature itself is the perfect frame for a wedding photo shoot. It's true, nature is the best decoration. But it's not enough for the wedding photo shoot. You should create a magical atmosphere for this event. Panels with sequins help to do it perfectly. It's a good idea for decoration, because the right choice of elements of dynamic panels, and the size of the photo zone itself will significantly expand the creative possibilities of the organizers of the wedding celebration.

Any successful wedding photoshoot in nature begins with choosing a location in order to take advantage of natural colours and lighting, as well as correctly positioning the photo area for a photo and video shooting.

Then it is necessary to embody the graphic and semantic idea of the photo session in the photo zone. If a photo zone with sequins for a wedding is chosen, there are all conditions for the success of the event. In order for the sequin photo zone to work properly, you should pay attention to several thihgs.

Wedding Photo Shoot, sequins photo zone, SolaAir

  • Dimensions. The area of ​​the photo zone itself depends both on the concept of the photo session and on the chosen environment (place for photography);
  • The total number of dynamic panels is important. They are different. And not only the cost of the photo zone depends on this, but also the choice of the created effect (movement or reflection of light);
  • It is necessary to choose the shape of the dynamic elements themselves - sequins. If used in a colour with a graphic base, it is better to use sequins in the form of a polygon or disk. If you need to cover the background colour as much as possible, it is better to choose a rectangular sequin shape;
  • It is necessary to count the number of sequins themselves in the panel. If the motion effect is selected, the smoothness of movement of the photo zone image under the influence of airflow depends on the number of elements.

The main difference between dynamic sequin panels and other types of movable graphic designs is good protection from the bright sun, strong wind and moisture. Rain can happen during a photo shoot, but nothing will happen to sequins.

If you need a truly interesting and memorable sequin photo zone for your wedding, it is better to buy it from SolaAir. The design will be made exactly according to your requests. Sequin photo zones are delivered on time worldwide. You can order sequin photo zones in any city. The SolaAir company "Technology Reflection" has partners in many countries. You won't have to wait long for your order.

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