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Good advertising should attract attention, make you stop, and encourage action. Bright panels with sequins are just such a type of effective advertising. It is impossible to pass by them without stopping the look. These dynamic structures can be used both outdoors and indoors. They do not need special conditions to create an eye-catching effect. Shimmering sequins make the advertising image come to life, sparkle and sparkle with reflected light. It is also important that the price of such structures is more attractive compared to other advertising.

Indoor advertising panels

Indoor advertising should not only be functional and effective but also fit well with the interior design. When ordering advertising panels with sequins, you need to consider:

  • The size of the panels, as well as sequins, their number and shape;
  • Design and general concept of advertising impact;
  • Choosing an effect aimed at attracting the attention of visitors

If you're opting for sequin panels in the same colour as the base, moving parts in the shape of a disc or a polygon are best. In this way, you increase recognition and give colour saturation to a dynamic design.

When you need to create the most contrasting background colour, or you need a different background colour, you should take rectangular sequins. In any case, a specialist responsible for fulfilling your order will help you choose the number, shape of sequins, and panel dimensions.

Outdoor advertising panels

Outdoor advertising, sequin panels, SolaAir

For outdoor advertising, as a rule, large panels are chosen. Although, not necessarily the entire surface should be movable or play with colours of reflected light. You can use advertising panels with sequins to focus attention on a specific design element. Thus, you create the conditions for effective recognition and do not spend extra money.

This is especially true for signboards and other long-term outdoor advertising elements. The design of the panels ensures that the sequins are securely fastened in the sockets, preventing damage in strong winds. A special protective coating of dynamic elements protects them from ultraviolet radiation, moisture and low temperatures. Everything is done to ensure that advertising panels with sequins serve for a long time, retain the brightness of colours and attract the attention of a potential buyer. Our company offers a wide range of panels for your success. You can order them on our website.

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