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In a difficult economic situation, it is very important for any business to maintain stability and the ability to interest the buyer with offers. A sequin signage helps to solve this problem because it is unusual, and noticeable against the background of other static advertising, it does not need constant updating and maintenance. It doesn't matter what business you have. The main thing is that it should be of interest to your customers, regardless of the external situation.

Sequin signs: attract customers

Signs using dynamic reflective panels with sequins are 60% more effective at attracting attention than those using a static image. After all, they:

  • create the effect of movement or reflection of light without the use of electricity;
  • more attractive and practical;
  • allow you to combine static and dynamic images in an advantageous way

Such sequin signage use panels with sequins - a special design, which is a flexible frame with fasteners for sequins (pieces of plastic on which a protective coating is applied). Fastenings do not allow hundreds of sequins to leave their workspace under gusts of wind. In this case, each piece of plastic rotates freely around the axis of attachment. Due to this, and also because of the small weight of each sequin, the very magic happens. Under the influence of airflow or even just vibration, the sequin begins to sway, creating the effect of a picture coming to life or splashing rays of light and scattering sunbeams. It is because of the effect of movement that such a sign with sequins is more noticeable from afar. Of course, you should not forget about the night illumination of your sign. After all, you want your salon, shop or club to be visible at any time of the day in any weather.

order sequin signage, sequin panels, SolaAir

The sign made of sequins does not fly around under strong winds, does not lose colour under the bright sun, and works well even at low temperatures and high humidity. It can always be ordered with delivery to an address in any city in the country. Even if you just want indoor signage, opting for sequined panels will provide better performance and lead to more customers than all other outdoor advertising options.

You can order sequin panels for your business sign. We ship worldwide.

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