• Dynamic sequins photo zone for any occasion

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    The secret of a good photo zone is not only in its design but also in how unusual it is. The sequin photo zone attracts attention and decorates any event, whether it is an anniversary celebration, a corporate meeting, a profile exhibition or a wedding.

    The main task of the photo zone is to create good conditions for photo shoots and video shooting, so that the resulting pictures and videos help in the promotion of the company, serve corporate interests, and leave wonderful memories of the celebrations which were one of the main design elements. It is worth ordering or buying a dynamic photo zone so that the goals of the event are achieved. The thing is that this live photo zone with sequins is the best choice.

  • What are sequin panels?

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    Any event or advertising campaign is an opportunity for designers to show their creativity. Panels with sequins can help them with this. They are able to attract the attention of others, "revive" already familiar forms and design techniques, giving them dynamism and bright colors. Sequin panels are made for movement. They are a frame with hundreds of pieces of plastic, not rigidly fixed in place. They may carry an image or have a special reflective mirror coating to reflect light rays.

  • How Can Sequin Panels Be Used?

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    Many of our clients are well aware of the use of sequin panels in advertising. These shiny, colorful, wind and weather-resistant circles or squares are located on a special mount in blocks. It allows them to rotate freely, but not leave their place. Panels with sequins have proven themselves not only as part of an advertising structure but also in use as an element of scenery. Because they are unusual, durable and inexpensive. In addition, panels with sequins are used in photo zones, interior, and outdoor advertising structures.

  • Sequin Panels for Reception Area

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    The design of the reception area for visitors should be given the closest attention in any beauty salon, fitness club, hairdresser, or hotel. Sequin panels, if used correctly, create the necessary conditions for solving the problem.

    Modern dynamic reflective panels diversify the design. A wide range of colour options, shapes of active elements and sizes of sequined panels make it possible to embody the most daring ideas.

  • Nova is the New Panel with Sequins

    Nova Sequin Panel, buy new Sequin Panels, SolaAir

    Be sure to check out the new Nova sequin panels. These decorative panels with sequins have already proven themselves well. Because they allow you to solve several problems: to attract the attention of visitors, and potential buyers, to be an interesting part of modern design. Sequins create the illusion of movement and the play of light, without requiring expensive and difficult-to-install structures, and constant costs to maintain it in working order. Ordinary light, elegant and durable panels can be used in advertising structures, photo zones, brand walls, as well as for decorating and finishing niches and other spaces during construction, that is, they can act as a decorative element.

  • Five Creative Design Ideas. Sequin Panels for House Decor

    Creative Design Ideas, buy Sequin Panels, SolaAir

    "Sequin" is translated from French as "a grain of gold, sparkle." Sequins now really look like the same sequins that have been used to decorate outfits in different countries of the world for a long time.

    Today, this small colored circle, similar to confetti, is widely used not only as an element of clothing decoration. Special panels with sequins have been used in advertising banners and in room decor. To do this, panels were developed that allow bright sequins to rotate freely and create an extravaganza of light and movement.

  • Sequin Panels as Your Advertising Assistant

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    Sequin panels can be an eye-catching ad element that will capture the attention of your target audience. Here are some ways to use sequin panels in advertising:

    • Add sequin panels to your banner design: use them to create bright indoor banners or outdoor billboards;
    • Use sequins to draw attention to key ad elements: add sequins around keywords or images to make them more visible;
    • Use sequins to emphasize promotions or discounts. You can add sequins around the text related to promotions or discounts so that they attract more attention and emphasize the attention of your target audience;
    • Use sequins to create a backdrop: sequins can be used to create a dramatic backdrop that will look attractive on photos and videos for social media
  • Using Sequin Panels in Outdoor Advertising

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    Using sequin panels in outdoor advertising is a great way to draw attention to your brand or product. Sequins are small, bright, shimmering plates that attract attention in any setting.

    Due to their ability to reflect light, sequins create a movement effect that makes advertising more visible than conventional static panels. This effect is especially noticeable in night lighting conditions when the light from lanterns and car headlights gives the sequins a special brightness.

    Another advantage of sequin panels is their versatility and flexibility in application. Sequins can be applied to various types of surfaces, including billboards, signs, and building facades. They are also available in different formats and sizes, allowing you to make custom and creative advertising solutions to suit your needs.

  • Decorative panels with sequins

    Decorative panels, panels with sequins, SolaAir

    You can make your home and office stylish using decorative panels with sequins. These dynamic reflective structures are literally created to please the eye, and surprise guests or visitors with a variety of colors and play of light.

    The magic of movement and the play of light is the main trump card of such structures. Panels with sequins are pretty flexible and light and can become both the central element of the decor and emphasize its advantages.

  • Multicolored Panels with Sequins for Advertising

    Multicolored Ad Panels, Sequins Panels for Advertising, SolaAir

    Good advertising should be noticeable. Well-chosen sequin panels, which use an eye-catching color palette, will do more than a static banner or sign. After all, these sequins make a still image come to life, favorably emphasizing its primary colors and idea.

  • Advertising Sequins Banner

    Advertising Sequins, Banner with Sequins, SolaAir

    In advertising, the main thing is attracting attention so your information is perceived and pushed to action. A sequined banner increases the chance that your ad will be noticed. Of course, you need to choose the right place to place the banner and think over the offer and the advertising idea. And only after that, it is worth working on enhancing the effect with the help of dynamic reflective panels with sequins.

    In general, if you want to sell a product or service, then you just need a banner with sequins. Marketers have already calculated that these small pieces of plastic, assembled into a panel, increase the recognition of your offer by 24% compared to the information of a static advertising image.

  • Photo Zone with Sequins and Balls

    Photo Zone with Sequins, Sequins background, SolaAir

    Today, not a single serious event can do without a photo zone: the opening of an exhibition, a new store, a car dealership, a bank branch, and even a family holiday. Success depends on the degree of creativity, and uniqueness. Therefore, it is no coincidence that this year's new trend has become a photo zone with sequins and balls. Why with sequins? Because they create a festive mood by their very existence. And the balls are the undoubted symbol of the holiday. The main thing is to choose them correctly.