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It is more challenging to attract the attention of a potential buyer or client in a big city. To do this, the shop sign must be exciting. Shop signs with sequins are more effective than static ones. It has been proven that the human eye perceives a moving object faster than a static one.

Sequined panels help bring the static image of the sign to life through a special design. Each panel consists of several hundred small pieces of plastic suspended on special holders, allowing them to move freely under the influence of vibration or air puff. As a result, the advertising picture of the shop sign with sequins comes into motion. And the chances of becoming more noticeable at such shop signs and banners increase. The main thing is to prepare it correctly in order to use the magic of movement to one hundred percent.

The right choice of dynamic signage

Panels with sequins are called dynamic. After all, they create movement without the cost of electricity. In order for the shop sign to help attract attention, it is worth remembering a few tips:

  • Choose the most appropriate dynamic effect for your shop sign carefully. It may be movement or reflection of sunlight;
  • At the stage of designing a sign, consult with the specialists of the manufacturer of dynamic panels so that the static and moving parts of the sign successfully complement each other and do not interfere with attracting attention;
  • It is not necessary to give the entire surface of the signboard under dynamic panels. It is quite enough to focus with their help on some part of it: a logo, a name, a slogan, an advertising picture. This will provide the desired level of efficiency and save money;
  • The size of the shop sign or banner with sequins should be such that it can be clearly seen from several points. It is also worth taking care of the night illumination of the sign: sequins can't highlight themselves.

buy signs and banners, sequin panels, SolaAir

If you have never ordered such outdoor advertising, it will be more interesting for you to find out what such a shop sign with sequins might look like. Photos of finished projects are on our website, as we are manufacturers of dynamic panels. Of course, each customer is interested in how much the shop sign with sequins costs. The price depends primarily on its area, the number of sequins in the panel, and the selected dynamic effect. In each case, the cost of the order is calculated based on the specifics of the project.

If you need a good shop sign or a banner with sequins, you can order it on the website and receive it at the specified address with worldwide delivery.

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