• Let’s Unite Professionals!

    Let’s Unite Professionals!

    Recently, there became rather popular in our country the technology of living signs with air active paillettes. We asked the founder of “Reflective Technology”/SolaAir company Denis Sagidullin to tell us about current activities of the company and future prospects in this sphere.

  • Scintillating and living panels: simple design solution helps to communicate with buyers in the right manner

    Scintillating and living panels: simple design solution helps to communicate with buyers in the right manner

    How can we attract buyers’ attention?

    This question never becomes out-of-date, it just assumes a new meaning in the course of time. Some persons think that a buyer cannot pass by and take no notice of any technological solutions, - is it possible to ignore a robot, for instance? Others try to “attack” the audience with large-scale and expensive design structures. They think: “Such giant beauty cannot be unnoticed”. However almost all existing solutions can hardly be distinguished among the great volume of advertising facilities, which are available and surround poor buyers everywhere. Even the most sophisticated solutions are perceived by them as “white noise”.

  • Outdoor Advertising In 2019

    Outdoor Advertising In 2019

    Hard times on the market make companies to search for new advertising approaches so as to reach out to the customers. This is exactly why innovative advertising solutions are so much needed nowadays. One of such solutions is represented by attractive and amazing reflective panels made of sequins, which are intended for interior and outdoor decoration facilities. Today we are talking with Denis Sagidullin, who is the founder and the head of the Research-and-Production Company “Reflective Technology”, which is manufacturing paillette panels under SolaAir’s brand.

  • The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed!

    The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed!

    Review of SIGNForum2018 - the main event in the sphere of outdoor advertising 

    Every day specialists of the OOH advertising industry are thinking over new ways for amazing their customers by creation of original and best-looking signs and eye-catching decoration of building facades. Currently such promotional approach is the most widely spread in comparison with any other methods of the products and services promotion at the advertisers’ market. Therefore, professionals must do their best to develop and implement innovative technologies for outdoor advertising production. This is exactly the objective of SIGNForum2018 – the forum of OOH advertising manufacturers, which already over 12 years gathers annually all like-minded colleagues under one roof.

  • SolaAir – unique discovery of “Advertising-2015”

    SolaAir – unique discovery of “Advertising-2015”

    Unconventional and fancy solutions used for decoration of the streets in our towns always attract our attention, however their “mysteriousness” sometimes makes us to doubt in their reliability and accessibility. Whereas such events as this exhibition give an opportunity to get acquainted in details with such facilities, dispel any doubts and even learn more about their new applications. A development of such kind – SolaAir technology – was presented at the exhibition “Advertising-2015”, which took place at the end of September, by the “Indigo-Signs” company.

  • SolaAir Living Advertising: Attracts by Reflection!

    SolaAir Living Advertising: Attracts by Reflection!

    Large amount of advertising around us is just uncountable. However, quantity not always is transferred to quality. Sometimes people fail to take notice of advertising – it is regarded as an annoying fly. In such case the issue is to find out some original way for attracting people’s attention. For this purpose, the living advertising based on the SolaAir technology may become an ideal solution.

  • Firebird in SolaAir Technology

    Firebird in SolaAir Technology

    Now it is a tradition for many people to have their pictures taken at any important events and remarkable places. For such purpose some companies use a very efficient marketing solution by means of creation of interesting installations, using such instrument for promotion of their business. This trend was in evidence at the exhibition “Advertising”...