• Interior Decoration with Sequin Panels

    Interior Decoration with Sequin Panels

    The interior design depends on the purpose of the room, its size and fashion trends in the materials used, colour palette and layout. Interior decoration with sequins is another new design trend that has proven itself equally well in a beauty salon or а fitness centre, а restaurant or а club, а showroom and an exhibition pavilion. After all, dynamic panels, consisting of several hundred elements, create a special, festive atmosphere, introducing an element of movement into the surrounding space.

  • Beauty Salon Decorating Ideas. Panels with Sequins

    Beauty Salon Decorating Ideas. Panels with Sequins

    Here we will offer beauty salon decorating ideas. A modern, bright, memorable design of the premises is very important for such establishments as a club, a fitness centre, a beauty salon. Because design is part of a selling image. The design of a beauty salon should correspond to the chosen style and use modern materials and designs. For example, dynamic reflective panels with sequins. These panels give the design a novelty and originality, emphasizing the changeability of fashion and the freshness of perception of beauty.

  • Original Street Advertising with Sequin Billboards

    Original Street Advertising with Sequin Billboards

    Billboards are the most popular type of outdoor advertising in big cities. Since the number of placements is strictly limited, you need the most effective advertising. A billboard can be dynamic, inexpensive to make, reliable, and a good eye-catcher. These outstanding qualities are provided to him by panels with sequins.

  • How to make a sequin photo zone?

    How to make a sequin photo zone?

    Photo zones have long been an integral part of any public event. However, it is this fact that prompts its organizers to be attentive to the design of the venue for the photo session for VIPs. It is no coincidence that many companies decide to make a sequin photo zone. There are several good reasons to prefer this particular design.

  • It's Time to Order Banner for Sequins Photo Zone

    It's Time to Order Banner for Sequins Photo Zone

    A photo zone is a place where a fleeting event turns into the history of a person, family or enterprise. A good banner for a photo zone allows you to create the necessary conditions so that the emotions experienced at the time of graduation at school, a birthday or a corporate party remain for a long time with the people who participated in the holiday.

  • Advertising Panels with Sequins

    Advertising Panels with Sequins

    Good advertising should attract attention, make you stop, and encourage action. Bright panels with sequins are just such a type of effective advertising. It is impossible to pass by them without stopping the look. These dynamic structures can be used both outdoors and indoors. They do not need special conditions to create an eye-catching effect. Shimmering sequins make the advertising image come to life, sparkle and sparkle with reflected light. It is also important that the price of such structures is more attractive compared to other advertising.

  • Sequin Signage for any Business

    Sequin Signage for any Business

    In a difficult economic situation, it is very important for any business to maintain stability and the ability to interest the buyer with offers. A sequin signage helps to solve this problem because it is unusual, and noticeable against the background of other static advertising, it does not need constant updating and maintenance. It doesn't matter what business you have. The main thing is that it should be of interest to your customers, regardless of the external situation.

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