Beauty Salon, Panels with Sequins, SolaAir

Here we will offer beauty salon decorating ideas. A modern, bright, memorable design of the premises is very important for such establishments as a club, a fitness centre, a beauty salon. Because design is part of a selling image. The design of a beauty salon should correspond to the chosen style and use modern materials and designs. For example, dynamic reflective panels with sequins. These panels give the design a novelty and originality, emphasizing the changeability of fashion and the freshness of perception of beauty.

Decoration for a beauty salon

As a design element, sequin panels fit perfectly into the overall design style, giving it dynamism and colorfulness. Panels with sequins can be both an independent element of the design of the room, and part of it. By themselves, these panels are a plastic frame, in which its dynamic parts are fixed on special holders - pieces of plastic of various shapes and sizes with a part of the image applied to them or a solid color. beauty salon decorating ideas, buy panels with sequins, SolaAir Under the influence of a draft, vibration, a weak air flow, the sequins begin to sway. If a mirror, reflective coating is applied to them, each sequin, like a mirror in the hands of a child, begins to let out sunbeams, splashes and rays of light. Sequins with an image (logo, picture, slogan) under the influence of air or vibration begin to change their position, making the picture move, come to life. It all looks very nice.

However, before taking on the decoration of the wall of a beauty salon with such panels, it is worth considering several features of these dynamic structures.

  • The shape and number of sequins in the panel is chosen to take into account the chosen design and style of the room;
  • The more sequins in the panel, the smoother the effect of movement and reflection will be;
  • The size and location of the panels must be selected taking into account the characteristics of the room.

As always, the design of a beauty salon should begin with the development of a design concept, together with the specialists of the company that manufactures sequin panels, choose their size, the number of dynamic elements, colour scheme and effect (movement or reflection of light).

Panels with sequins, with the right choice, can be excellent for any beauty salon decorating idea. You can order them in any major city in the country, with delivery within a few days.

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