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A photo zone is a place where a fleeting event turns into the history of a person, family or enterprise. A good banner for a photo zone allows you to create the necessary conditions so that the emotions experienced at the time of graduation at school, a birthday or a corporate party remain for a long time with the people who participated in the holiday.

The most creative and modern solution for creating photo zones is sequin panels. These are several hundred small coloured shiny circles or squares, fixed with a special holder and assembled in a block - a dynamic reflective element. Since these pieces of plastic are not rigidly fixed, they have freedom of movement along two axes. They are light, almost weightless. A little breath or even vibration is enough to make the sequins move. In this way, they create magical effects of sparkling and reflective light and the image comes to life on a sequins banner.

The photo zone banner: buy or order?

Usually, the design, against which the photo and video shooting take place, is called a banner. The banner for a photo zone can be fixed, with a printed logo, a company slogan or an image. However, the most interesting and memorable is the banner, which has panels with sequins. Any image can be applied to moving elements. Under the influence of air, it sets in the motion, attracting attention, and creating an atmosphere of celebration. When the sequins are covered with a special reflective mirror composition, they, like small mirrors, begin to scatter splashes, and rays of light, and let out sunbeams in all directions. This creates a wonderful festive atmosphere, and such a banner can be seen from afar.

Of course, each event needs its own special banner for the photo zone:

  • to graduation party;
  • for a corporate holiday;
  • to the exhibition;
  • for an anniversary;
  • to a sporting event;
  • for a birthday;
  • for a wedding celebration

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A banner for a photo zone for a wedding must necessarily correspond to the general style and time of the holiday, taking into account exactly where the wedding photo session will be held.

For a party, it is important to observe the corporate style (logo, name and slogan of the company). After all, any event serves to promote the brand and create the image of the company.

For a children's party and a New Year's celebration, a special style will also be required that meets the essence of the event. A banner with reflective sequins is often ordered for an exhibition so that the stand of a company would be clearly visible and attractive.

An equally important parameter to consider if you need a good banner for a photo zone is the size of the structure. A banner that is too big is just as bad as an "economy class" photo zone. It is not necessary to use the entire surface of the banner to create a motion or reflection effect. Properly placing panels with sequins, you can highlight the name and logo, an image that attracts attention.

Before ordering a banner for a photo zone, it is worth considering its design and consulting with a specialist responsible for the production of dynamic panels. The right choice of colour solution, panel sizes, shape and number of dynamic elements allow you to realize the outstanding possibilities of sequin panels. The price of a banner for a photo zone depends, first of all, on its size, the number of panels and sequins in them, and the effect created. A banner for a photo zone made of sequins can be ordered on our website with worldwide delivery, and then used both indoors and outdoors, with and without illumination. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and does not require special knowledge and care.

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