all the beauty and majesty of nature

in shimmering glare

We produce high quality reflective panels with movable sequins for internal and external advertising, stage installation and decoration

Movable sequin panels for shimmering walls and signboard

Advertising design with glitter, paillettes, sequins, flakes, sparkly, sparkling, shimmering, glistening, living signs, signs with sequins, air signs, signs with flickering and movable reflective elements, circles, shining advertising or billboard sequins, this technology has a lot of interesting and characteristic features, all of this innovative technology "SolaAiR®", developed by specialists of the scientific-manufacturing company "Reflective Technology".

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Air active advertising is a unique patented technology, is made on the basis of decorative panels with iridescent sequins. Thanks to a wide range of colours sequins and possible application to the panel of any image, such advertising attracts 6 times more attention than a classic sign.

Decorative panels SolaAir® - used for the manufacture indoor and outdoor advertising signs, facades, design of the interiors of public places and private premises.

A fully autonomous system that does not consumes electricity and other resources, and at the same time, the image is in constant motion, flickering, flashes and shimmers of flowers.

The legendary and most popular sequin panels from the famous manufacturer - SolaAir. This product is the most popular for decoration of weddings and celebrations, parties and a variety of shows. Popular due to the highest quality, premium materials and exclusive colors, and there are more than 35!

SolaAir® - unique technology

An original product created specifically for decoration

Elastic and flexible

The panel can be mounted
on an uneven surface.

Designs of any size

From 30 cm to unlimited
quantity of square meters.

Easy to install

Connecting elements
enough to snap in backdrop.
Main design is finished. It isn't
necessary to use a basic substrate.

Durability & endurance

Panels are made of high quality materials.
It provides durability up to 10 years.


Panel are in 3 times lighter than their analogues, It could be fastened to the surface by screws or brackets.

100% color retention

The coating is UV rays resistant
and has a high reflectance.

Unique technologies and honest expertise!

Choose exactly what you need

SolaAir Standard

Panel dimensions: 300x300 mm.

Disc size - 30x30 mm.

3 types of reflective elements
(circle, square, octagon)

More than 20 basic colors
and special effects

SolaAir Pixel

Panel dimensions: 290x290 mm.

Disc size - 20x20 mm.

3 types of reflective elements
(circle, square, octagon)

More than 20 basic colors
and special effects

SolaAir Bit

Panel dimensions: 107x107 mm

Disc size - 11x11 mm.

1 kind of reflecting elements

Available by request

Our production, supporting, logistics

We offer you the best quality products with the full variety
of production components and materials


Production time from one day,
to 5 working days.


The cheapest price among
other providers of dynamic panels 

The contract and payment

We accept payment via
bank transfer, etc.

International delivery

We deliver by express air post service

Warranty service

Manufacturer's Warranty and
worldwide service for your business


100% supporting and helping
in realization of any design ideas

We have partners all over the the world

Companies that trust us!

Installation from panels and decor

Playing with shape and color, it is easy to create masterpieces of interior decor.

Installation of thousands of twinkling sequins

Installation using SolaAir Standart decorative panels from partners @aireendecor

Photo zone of luxury sequins

The original design of the photo zone using the installation of balls, decor and panels

Shimmer Walls

Sequins wall with movable reflective elements

SolaAIR Technology Presentation

Advertising constructions, walls, photo zones and window shops are just a small part of the use of SolaAir panels

Tony Montana - live advertisement or signboard with sequins

The project won first place in the international visual advertising competition ZNAK

Flickering wall with advertising letters

The backdrop is made of thousands of flickering sequins with logo letters

Formula 1

Image design made from freestanding elements wither active sequins.


Our partners from Egypt, have chosen SolaAIr for design of the huge billboard on one of the central highways.

Wall of Gloria Jeans

The branding wall is the largest backdrop made using SolaAir Print technology.

Casino Shangri La

Designing a Billboard Using SolaAir Print Panels

Mirrored Cube

Small architectural forms in mirror air active style.

We are number one in the production of decorative panels!

Notice the difference!
  • We have developed our own unique technology of colored reflective printing with solid and saturated colors​
  • Panels can stand a long period of time. Our panels are made of incredibly durable polymeric material imported from Japan. They include movable reflective elements that are made following our unique technology. ​
  • Super-fast installation and delivery process. We even have a stock of colours that can be produce in 2 days time and deliver to different locations
  • We are super-competitive. ​If you need a discount, please tell us and we'll do everything possible for you

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We deliver worldwide

Shipping in 24 hours
Delivery in 48 hours
by express couriers
from our European production company
Shipping from Russia around the world

SolaAir® is protected by patents

SolaAir® is a registered trademark in many countries
Sequin panels produced under the SolaAIr brand are patented in 38 countries

If you are looking for cooperation with us
please send us a request