all the beauty and majesty of nature

in shimmering glare

We produce sequin panels for shimmer walls and decorations,
window shops and outdoor advertising

We are the brilliant decor trendsetter

SolaAir products are used by renowned designers and decorators around the world

Versatile product

Areas of application: Visual Advertising, Decorations, Design Solutions

Premium quality

SolaAir products are unparalleled in quality, palette of shades and customer service

Sberbank, our clients
Sephora, our clients
H&M, our clients
Borjomi, our clients
Forever 21, our clients
Diesel, our clients
Pantene, our clients
Coca Cola, our clients
Sheraton, our clients
Disney, our clients
Guess, our clients
Gucci, our clients
Mercedez-Benz, our clients
Next, our clients

We create a product that delights!

We produce sequin panels that makes your sparkling dream come true

We help to create a shining photo zone and make a special day unforgettable

We help to create a shining photo zone and make a special day unforgettable

We turn any event into a special celebration that increases your prestige and status

Our party decorations give you an atmosphere of sparkling joy

Shimmering Solaair designs amaze even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of beauty

We present a new product - NOVA panel

We have combined technical capabilities with new design trends

Nova is the latest generation of SolaAir panels: even stronger, lighter and more durable. The offset of the reflective elements allows you to use sequins of different shapes.

A new generation of connectors - a patented shape allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble structures of any size.

Wider scope - in addition to signs, decorations and photo zones, Nova panels will come to the rescue in decorating interiors!

SolaAir ™ - products of the highest quality

Created and manufactured in the European Union
SolaAir Standart, sequin panel, outdoor signage, SolaAiR
SolaAir Pixel, shimmer panel, sequin panel, SolaAir Pixel
SolaAir Nova, shimmer panel, sequin panel, SolaAir Pixel

Elastic and flexible

Can be mounted on curved surfaces. Made from crystal clear, durable, premium polymer material

Easy to install

Redesigned connectors simplify installation, and in some cases the panel can be used without a base

Constructions of any size

The base of the panel is easily cut to the desired shape and size

Lightness and strength

With a low weight, the base of the panel is able to withstand significant loads

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Unique features and  application possibilities

Creating our products, we follow current trends,
recommendations of decorators and visual advertising manufacturers

Mass production, support, warranty

We are the largest European designer and manufacturer of decorative panels
for visual advertising and decoration.

Product price

Flexible pricing allows you to significantly save when ordering large quantities. Promotions and discounts are also available!

Lead times

The minimum production time is 1 working day. Large custom orders can be completed in 3 to 7 working days


The product has a 3-year warranty when exposed to the weather in a Central European climate.

The opinion of professionals is important!

Aireen Shevtsova @aireendecor Decorator and headliner for aerodesign events.
I am pleased to use SolaAir sequin panels in my projects and master classes!
Valeria Decorator and headliner for aerodesign events.
Shimmer walls, that will take your breath away!
Catherines Creations Decorator
Great product that I recommend!

More brilliant ideas and projects in our portfolio

Photo zones, signs, promotional structures
50 shining colors, sequin panel colors collection, SolaAiR
sequin panel color collection, sequins ads, SolaAiR
sequin panel Mobile Stand, outdoor signage, SolaAiR
decorative panel, sequin panel, SolaAiR

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Worldwide delivery

in cooperation with transport companies
Express delivery
anywhere in Europe
and to many countries around the world
delivery anywhere in the European Union

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Knowledge and experience are  our greatest assets

Our achievements:
  • We manufacture a wide range of movable sequin panels. From smallest to standard sizes
  • We manufacture products of the highest quality. Many recognized decorators and manufacturers of advertising structures use SolaAir in their projects
  • 10+ invention patents registered in Russia and EU countries
Our pride:
  • We have launched a unique illustration and painting service —
  • We have developed and implemented a technology for multi-color application of mirror images with various special effects on sequins
  • We have fully mastered the process of producing mirror materials in any colors for our own products

Movable sequin panels for shimmering walls and signboards

Advertising structures with glitter, paillettes, sequins, flakes, sparkly, sparkling, shimmering, glistening, living signs, signs with sequins, air signs, signs with flickering and movable reflective elements, circles, shining advertising or billboard sequins. This technology has many interesting and unique features. All of the above is a "SolaAiR®" innovative technology developed by specialists of "Reflective Technology" scientific-manufacturing company.

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Air active advertising is a unique patented technology, is made on the basis of decorative panels with iridescent sequins. Thanks to a wide range of colours sequins and possible application to the panel of any image, such advertising attracts 6 times more attention than a classic sign.

Decorative panels SolaAir® - used for the manufacture indoor and outdoor advertising signs, facades, design of the interiors of public places and private premises.

A fully autonomous system that does not consumes electricity and other resources, and at the same time, the image is in constant motion, flickering, flashes and shimmers of flowers.

The legendary and most popular sequin panels from the famous manufacturer - SolaAir. This product is the most popular for decoration of weddings and celebrations, parties and a variety of shows. Popular due to the highest quality, premium materials and exclusive colors, and there are more than 35!