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Any business event or wedding will require a bright, memorable photo zone. A business or wedding photo zone made of sequins is an excellent solution. Such a photo zone helps to create the best conditions for a successful photo shoot. Because sequins do not require special installation, or power supply to create a shimmering effect. All you need is good design and the laws of physics: motion creates reflection.

Sequin photo zone: the secret of magic

Turn a wedding photo session into an unforgettable performance, where the dynamics of reflective panels harmonize with the beauty of the wedding suits of the young, creating a mood for everyone who decides to take memorable photos near the sequin photo zone.

What is the secret of magic?

  • Sequins are arranged in a special way in the panel. Their number can reach several thousand. The more sequins, the smoother the image change and the softer the flicker effect.
  • They are securely held in their nests while retaining the freedom they need to move when in contact with the slightest air current or simply from vibration.
  • Sequins, like small mirrors, swaying, reflect the sun's rays, scattering light sparks and splashes around, creating a beautiful glow that helps create a special atmosphere for a successful photo shoot.
  • They are well protected from ultraviolet radiation, high humidity, and low temperatures. Such a photo zone can be used at an outdoor photo shoot or outdoor event.

Magic is the ability to easily and simply turn the space around into a fabulous world of celebration and good mood.

Correct design of the photo zone

A photo session will be successful if you carefully consider the design of the image, and the overall dimensions of the structure, in order to take advantage of the features of the sequins. A wedding or business photo zone should not be small and overloaded with reflective elements, otherwise, it will obscure the main object of photo and video shooting which is people.

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The shape and number of sequins in the panels are selected based on the scale of the photo zone and the general style of the event. The magic of sequins can be applied everywhere. It can be a wedding, room decor, and advertising. They can be used as part of an image (living mosaic) or to create bright light accents in the overall design, where static elements are combined with dynamic ones.

By the way, European stylists unanimously claim that the fashionable photo zone 2022 can be created as dynamics of decor elements that make a beautiful background, which attract attention, intrigue, and fascinate. But at the same time, a well-designed background should not distract from the main event.

You can order the best photo zone from reflective dynamic panels with sequins in our company with worldwide delivery. Leave a request on the site or call by phone.

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