• Production of Advertising Signs with Sequins

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    Sequins are small moving elements with the help of which the effect of movement and reflection of light is created. Production of advertising signs with sequins can increase their effectiveness. After all, the human eye is more willing to respond to movement than to an image, albeit bright and original.

    A sign with sequins is visible from afar, attracts the attention of potential buyers, does not require additional power to create the effect of movement or light reflection. If you decide to order advertising or attention-grabbing signs, you should pay attention to the designs with sequins.

  • Sequin Advertising Signs

    panels with Sequins, Sequin Advertising Signs, SolaAir

    Sequins are good not only as an element of decor or some interior decoration. Sequin advertising signs are more effective than static images, less capricious and less expensive than LED or light boxes. It is not only about the cost of the product itself, but also about its maintenance.

    Sequins do not need constant care. It is enough to install and periodically clean from dust. This is a truly living sign as it does not need electricity to create a magical dynamic effect. Only sequins gathered in panels and a slight breeze or just vibration. The sequins are swaying - the advertising picture comes to life.

  • The best sequin photo zone

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    The best gift for the participants of a holiday, wedding, public event is beautiful photos for memory. A sequin photo zone and the skill of a photographer is all that is needed for the success of a festive photo shoot. This is not just a picture or composition in the background, but a dynamic structure that can create the right mood during a photo shoot.

  • Original Store Advertisement

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    No one can guarantee that sales would be always successful, and the attention of customers and visitors would be constant. However, an original advertisement for a store or salon can increase the chances of success. In today's challenging conditions, it is especially important to find an effective way to attract the attention of potential buyers and retain regular customers. Dynamic reflective sequin panels can help to do this.

  • Live Advertising with Sequins on Billboards

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    It is not by chance that live advertising on billboards is in constant demand. In cities, billboards are the most common type of advertising medium. They are located in a busy place, near highways, major transport arteries, shopping and entertainment centers, on the way to the airport and train station. Due to their size and large advertising surface, billboards are visible from afar. However, when there are many of them, a problem arises. How to stand out in such a mass of advertising information so that a potential buyer will notice you?

  • Why do You Need a Sequin Photo Zone in the Office?

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    A good office helps you make money. Its design is handled by professional designers who skillfully use dynamic reflective s panels such as interior advertising, as well as a sequin photo zone. These elements help to create a certain atmosphere in the office, make it memorable and creative, and convince the client that here he can get quality services for his money.

  • Production of Outdoor Advertising Signs

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    Do you have services or products that the buyer needs? It remains to attract the attention of customers. Good advertising and signage can help solve this problem. The production of advertising signs does not take much time. The main thing is to make sure that the sign is visible from afar, and it encourages the client to enter the store. That is, you need a good idea, a good design. And without creativity, you will hardly be able to achieve the desired result. Decorative reflective panels with sequins allow you to create an unusual sign that more effectively solves its main task.

  • Unique Photo Zones with Sequins

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    Quality and interesting photos are the main goal of any good photo studio. Unique photo zones with sequins help to make a successful photo session and offer exclusive photos to the client. Why are photo zones from sequins better than ordinary installations from plastic or metal frame? “Live” images on the scenery do not remain static. Sequins allow you to make original effects. SolaAir manufactures such panels with sequins for photo zone.

  • Sequin Photo Zone for any Celebrations

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    To get good photos from an event of any kind, the best option is a sequin photo zone. Dynamic reflective elements of such a photo zone allow you to create the effect of movement, light reflection.

  • Christmas Photo Zone 2021 with Sequins

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    Christmas is always eagerly awaited. We always prepare in advance for it. A festive event of any format and scale requires a creative, memorable Christmas photo zone. The best option for this is dynamic panels with sequins, small pieces of plastic that freely rotate on a special mount. They are lightweight and move with the slightest vibration, even from a slight breeze. It is the movement effect they create that attracts attention and prompts you to take memorable photos against the background of such a photo zone.

  • Christmas Window Dressing with Sequins

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    For Christmas and New Year, people prepare in advance. New Year's window dressing should attract the buyer of the product or service. So, you need to come up with something unusual. Sequin panels are perfect for creating a Christmas mood and drawing attention to the assortment of the store or salon services. A good design idea and the correct use of the magic of sequins is important.

  • New Year's Photo Zone for Children

    New Year's Photo Zone, panels with Sequins, SolaAir

    Children, no less than adults, love to be photographed and be the center of attention. This means that you will definitely need a New Year or Christmas photo zone. For children, you can order a real fairy-tale decoration if you use the magic of sequins. These pieces of plastic really work wonders. A picture of sequins suddenly comes to life, as soon as a light breeze touches their surface.

    A special mirror coating can be applied to their surface. The sequins sway, reflect the rays of light, turning the photo zone into a real extravaganza of light. These are sparks, splashes, glare and shimmer. Surely children will like this magic. Therefore, be sure to include a sequin photo zone in the New Year's decoration of a children's matinee, a festive performance, a school evening.