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No one can guarantee that sales would be always successful, and the attention of customers and visitors would be constant. However, an original advertisement for a store or salon can increase the chances of success. In today's challenging conditions, it is especially important to find an effective way to attract the attention of potential buyers and retain regular customers. Dynamic reflective sequin panels can help to do this.

Original outdoor advertising

Reflective panels are widely used in advertising and design today. Due to the unusual way of creating the effect of movement and reflection, they turn out to be more effective than static banners and signs. Unlike LCD panels, lightboxes do not need to be connected to a power supply to create an additional effect. Although, like any advertising medium, night illumination is desirable for panels with sequins. The secret of their magic is in a special design that provides movement and reflection due to the action of air currents or vibration on pieces of plastic - sequins.

They are suspended in special holders that do not allow them to leave their assigned place if the wind increases. Such original outdoor advertising does an excellent job of attracting the attention of a pedestrian or car driver. The main thing is to choose the right location for your advertisement, the size and number of panels with sequins, and the overall design.

Truly original advertising for a store, effective and inexpensive, attracts attention and increases sales. In addition, sequin panels have a number of other advantages:

original outdoor advertising, sequin panels, SolaAir

  • They are not afraid of bright sun, strong wind, low temperatures and high humidity;
  • Sequin panels serve for a long time without losing the brightness of colours and freshness of perception by the observer;
  • A wide range of colours allows you to use them as an independent design element or combine with static structures.

Unusual outdoor advertising will not go unnoticed if you decide to support sales, announce a new product or service, or open your store or salon. Original store advertising using dynamic reflective panels, according to advertising market analysts, is 60% more effective than conventional, more affordable than LCD panels and lightboxes. Due to the reliability of the design, a special protective coating of sequins, such an original advertisement will last a long time, will not break under strong winds and will not lose its attractiveness under the bright sun. You can order such an advertisement from sequins on our website. The sequin panels are shipped all over the world.

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