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Christmas is always eagerly awaited. We always prepare in advance for it. A festive event of any format and scale requires a creative, memorable Christmas photo zone. The best option for this is dynamic panels with sequins, small pieces of plastic that freely rotate on a special mount. They are lightweight and move with the slightest vibration, even from a slight breeze. It is the movement effect they create that attracts attention and prompts you to take memorable photos against the background of such a photo zone.

Trendy New Year Photo Zones 2021

Of course, each new year has its own characteristics, trends, including interior design. However, there are also patterns dictated by the specifics of the type of event, whether it be a corporate party or a children's party. For example, gold is a symbol of wealth and success, silver is purity and winter freshness. How can the Christmas photo zone 2021 do without them? Without popular cartoon characters, not a single children's holiday, especially a Christmas one, will pass. This means that they must be included in the plot for a children's photo zone, and this is quite possible. Dynamic reflective panels with sequins can work Christmas wonders, creating a festive mood and transforming the surrounding space into a fairyland.

Christmas photo zone, photo zone with sequins, SolaAirWhen choosing what kind of sequins your Christmas photo zone 2021 will be, please note:

  • on the size and shape of the reflective elements;
  • consistency of overall design and dynamic elements;
  • what kind of effect will be created: movement or reflection of light. Solid mirrored silver or gold sequins, swaying, reflect the light, filling the space with dazzling splashes, letting out sunbeams and sparks. Sequins with a printed picture (flowers, fairy-tale characters, just a company logo) will sway under the influence of the air flow, making the image "come to life";
  • compliance of the photo zone with the general style and nature of the holiday being held

For a corporate event, it is better to choose the gold and silver colors of the photo zone. For children's Christmas performance - bright fairy-tale stories with flowers and cartoon characters. A status event requires the presence of a company logo or its leading brand on the surface of the photo zone.

At the same time, a sequin Christmas photo zone does not have to be completely dynamic. With the help of panels, you can give the necessary accents in the festive composition of the photo zone, which will enhance the created effect and help a successful photo session. Create a Christmas mood, order a photo zone with sequins now.

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