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Sequins are good not only as an element of decor or some interior decoration. Sequin advertising signs are more effective than static images, less capricious and less expensive than LED or light boxes. It is not only about the cost of the product itself, but also about its maintenance.

Sequins do not need constant care. It is enough to install and periodically clean from dust. This is a truly living sign as it does not need electricity to create a magical dynamic effect. Only sequins gathered in panels and a slight breeze or just vibration. The sequins are swaying - the advertising picture comes to life.

"Technology of Reflection" company creates reliable dynamic panels with sequins.  They are not afraid of the sun, moisture and low temperature.

Live signage to revive sales

The living sign has a reliable design, unpretentiousness and resistance to wind, precipitation and low temperature, which is guaranteed by the company "Technology of Reflection ". In addition, the unusual effect created by rotating the sequins with a stream of air. It is what a good signboard or advertising banner needs. When deciding to use sequin advertising signs, you should consider:

  • Each panel contains several thousand sequins. Their shape and number depend on the size of the banner or sign and the selected dynamic reflective effect: movement or reflection of light.
  • The design of a sign or banner should take into account the design and effect of sequins. It is not necessary to cover the entire surface of your advertisement with sequins. Sometimes it is quite enough to highlight with their help some element, to create an accent.
  • As with any advertisement, sequin panels need a night light or light source so that the effect doesn't get lost in the dark.

Before making an order, you should consult with the company's specialists what effect is best to use in your advertising and what sequins are needed for the sign. You can buy or order panels with sequins in Russia, as well as in our foreign offices. Our sequins advertising signs have been highly appreciated by clients and customers, among which there are both large companies and small firms that need to attract the attention of a potential buyer. The effectiveness of live advertising using sequins has been confirmed by research from experts in the advertising market.

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