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It is not by chance that live advertising on billboards is in constant demand. In cities, billboards are the most common type of advertising medium. They are located in a busy place, near highways, major transport arteries, shopping and entertainment centers, on the way to the airport and train station. Due to their size and large advertising surface, billboards are visible from afar. However, when there are many of them, a problem arises. How to stand out in such a mass of advertising information so that a potential buyer will notice you?

You can place your proposals on a large number of billboards, on advertising rollers (where advertising is located on one of the sides of three-edged rotating surfaces, as if to divide the billboard "into three"). However, a large number of billboards does not guarantee the successful promotion of your product or service. Renting them is quite expensive. This means that you need to create an original advertisement.

Dynamic or simply "live" advertising on billboards

The idea of ​​making a moving ad is not new in itself. However, modern means of animated advertising have their disadvantages: cost, reliability, the need to constantly monitor that it works without failures and errors.

The SolaAir decorative system proposed the use of sequin panels as dynamic structures. Squares or circles, sequin polygons are suspended on horizontal brackets and assembled in panels. Each of them contains up to several thousand sequins that can rotate in different directions. However, a secure fit prevents them from leaving their place. You get dynamic panels with light, shiny and vibrant sequins.

  • They create the effect of movement of an advertising image without using electricity, only due to the vibration of the air;
  • They hold the plastic pieces securely in their nests. "Pixels" of advertising do not "fly around" under strong gusts of wind;
  • They are easy to assemble, take the desired shape;
  • They are reliably protected by a special coating from solar ultraviolet radiation, high humidity and low temperatures

Agree, not every lightbox or LED screen can provide you with this opportunity. At the same time, reflective dynamic designs make it possible to embody almost any design idea, it is beneficial to use the magic of sequins to attract attention. Static ads are not as visible as live ads. Advertising on billboards using sequins is more effective, since the eye reacts more readily to movement than just to a picture. Such advertising will be noticed by drivers, even moving at high speed.

sequin panels, live billboards advertising, SolaAir

Attracting attention

You can use live advertising on the entire billboard surface. This will definitely attract attention, accustom the potential buyer to the idea that your product is interesting and worth buying.

However, it is not necessary to fill all the square meters of the billboard with sequin panels to achieve the desired effect. You can make some part of its dynamic: a slogan, a logo, a brand name, etc. This option has worked well where, in addition to car owners, there is a significant number of pedestrians. In this case, you can achieve the same result with little effort.

You can order advertising panels with sequins on our website.

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