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For Christmas and New Year, people prepare in advance. New Year's window dressing should attract the buyer of the product or service. So, you need to come up with something unusual. Sequin panels are perfect for creating a Christmas mood and drawing attention to the assortment of the store or salon services. A good design idea and the correct use of the magic of sequins is important.

New Year's decoration of shop windows

Sequins are pieces of plastic that are securely attached to the panel and, subject to free rotation, create an interesting effect of movement or reflection of the light flux. Christmas decoration of shop windows with dynamic reflective panels should consider:

  • features of human perception;
  • the conditions under which the selected effect gives the greatest effect;
  • general store design and showcase size

Do you want to draw attention to the products that you already have in stock? Use magic lighting with sequins to enhance the effect, create a festive mood, and encourage you to come in and make a purchase or order. Good photos on your website should entice a potential buyer to pay attention to your offer. Such photos can be taken using the magic of sequins and successful lighting, to show your product in the most favourable light.

sequin panels, Christmas decoration, SolaAir

Christmas decoration of shop windows in large shopping centers

Stores located in shopping centers are forced not only to actively attract the attention of potential buyers, but to compete for them in a limited space where competition is high. Therefore, it is so important that the New Year and Christmas decoration of shop windows in shopping centers favorably differs from competitors, it should be truly festive, combining the magic of dynamic designs, lighting solutions and the opportunity to purchase a product or service for a promotion.

In a pandemic, when a trip to a shopping center for shopping is already a holiday for most, it is important to catch a buyer who is ready to spend money in time. Already, you need to make sure that your sales in December meet expectations. Order panels with sequins for Christmas window decoration. 2021 will be a successful year for those who correctly assess the market prospects, choose those goods and services that are most in demand today and know how to competently promote them. New Year's window dressing is an important step towards success. Catch your customer and start the new year in a positive way.

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