• Light Splashes or Advertising Panels with New Effect

    Light Splashes or Advertising Panels with New Effect

    Do you need new ideas for window dressing, creating advertising signs, photo zones or press walls? Sequin advertising panels are a new trend. They are just small pieces of plastic that sway under the breath of air or from vibration. But sequins make the image come alive, creating the illusion of sparks, and lights. SolaAir company produces high-quality, reliable, unpretentious panels with sequins. Now the company is expanding its line of proposed effects.

  • Sequins Display Panels

    Sequins Display Panels

    First of all, any worthy exhibition is a high-quality stand of the company. Exhibit panels from sequins help to stand out from among the participants and express themselves. SolaAir technology opens up new opportunities for creating bright, unusual, memorable brand walls and press walls.

    Usually, a brand wall is just a metal frame 3 meters high with a plastic banner of the represented company. Its essential elements are the name of the company or event, its logo and slogan, and, of course, the photo. The length of this brand wall depends on the size of the exhibition stand. Typically used several such exhibition stands.

  • Unique Photo Zones for Photo Studios

    Unique Photo Zones for Photo Studios

    Quality and interesting photos are the main goal of any good photo studio. Unique photo zones from art sequins help to make a successful photo session and offer exclusive photos to the client. Why are photo zones from sequins better than ordinary installations from plastic or metal frame? “Live” images on the scenery do not remain static. Sequins allow you to make original effects. SolaAir manufactures such panels for photo zone.

  • How to Order an Advertising Sign from Sequins

    How to Order an Advertising Sign from Sequins

    So, you decided to order an advertising sign that will help attract the attention of potential buyers. Today, the best option to do this is to use the advertising sign from sequins.

    These are small pieces of plastic, suspended on horizontal holders, assembled in panels and placed on the facade of a building or above a shop, salon or club, outside or indoors. If the air flow touches the sequins, the magic begins. The paillettes are swinging, the image on the panels comes to life.

  • Living Signage in Winter

    Living Signage in Winter

    Good outdoor advertising works all year round, in the heat, rain, snow, and cold. Living signage or dynamic systems from sequins endure all the advertising life. Advertising with paillettes attracts attention with its unusual effect. It does not need constant care and power supply, and it is able to work for several years without losing the original appearance.

  • Advertising on Billboards with Sequins

    Advertising on Billboards with Sequins

    Billboards flooded the streets of cities and busy highways. They became part of the landscape, merging into one color kaleidoscope. Advertising on billboards with sequins looks advantageous against this background. Sequins are able to attract attention, forcing the advertising picture to come to life.

    That is why live advertising has become so popular, and sequins successfully help businesses sell products and services.

  • What Kind of Shimmer Wall is Needed for a Wedding or an Exhibition

    What Kind of Shimmer Wall is Needed for a Wedding or an Exhibition

    A special design called a press wall helps to raise the status of any official event. Usually it is placed in the background. At the wedding for the organization of photo shoots and video shooting also used a similar design. It can be made from sequins and then it is called a shimmer wall or a sequins wall. But its design may be completely different.