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Do you have services or products that the buyer needs? It remains to attract the attention of customers. Good advertising and signage can help solve this problem. The production of advertising signs does not take much time. The main thing is to make sure that the sign is visible from afar, and it encourages the client to enter the store. That is, you need a good idea, a good design. And without creativity, you will hardly be able to achieve the desired result. Decorative reflective panels with sequins allow you to create an unusual sign that more effectively solves its main task.

Production of advertising signs from sequins

Sequins are small pieces of plastic collected in a panel. A special fastening provides the sequin with rotation but does not allow it to leave its place. A special coating protects the sequin from bright sunlight, moisture, low temperatures. The secret to the success of sequin panels is that even a slight draft or wind makes them sway. If an advertising image is applied to the surface of the sequins (like a mosaic panel), it starts to move under the influence of the wind. When the coating is plain and mirrored, the sequins rotate to reflect sunlight, scattering sunbeams, glare and rays around. It is impossible not to notice such an advertisement or sign.

The production of advertising signs using dynamic panels is today the most promising direction for increasing sales in various areas of the retail business. Indeed, in comparison with other types of outdoor advertising, panels with sequins have a number of advantages.

  • A wide range of colors provides almost limitless possibilities of use, including in combination with static elements.
  • Good protection from the sun, wind, moisture, cold ensures reliable operation and durability of such structures. The manufacturer gives a two-year guarantee for outdoor structures in a Central European climate.
  • It only takes 1-5 days to make sequin panels, except for SolarAir Print panels and large orders. Here the terms are calculated based on the characteristics of the object.
  • Fast assembly and disassembly that does not require special knowledge and tools.
  • No electricity is required to create the effect of movement or reflection of light, just a gentle breeze.

Sequin panels have been tested in one of the certified laboratories. The results proved the reliability of operation and preservation of the original appearance of the sequins, which is important for the sign.

If you have a good idea and design, you can order the production of an advertising sign. The price depends on the area of ​​the dynamic surface, the number and shape of sequins in the panel, the effect used (movement or reflection of light).

sequin advertising signs, outdoor advertising signs production, SolaAir

Before ordering the production of advertising signs using LCD screens, lightboxes or LED elements, just calculate how much it will cost: production, installation, maintenance. Ongoing maintenance costs for dynamic sequin panels are minimal. The power supply is only needed to illuminate the sign at night. Strong fasteners will prevent your sign from breaking in strong winds. Thus, sequin panels are the best outdoor advertising. Production time, price and all other points can be immediately found out on our website. Our consultants will help you to implement the design using dynamic reflective panels, suggest which sequins are best to choose and in what quantity. A good store or salon starts with a sign.

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