New Year's Photo Zone, panels with Sequins, SolaAir

Children, no less than adults, love to be photographed and be the center of attention. This means that you will definitely need a New Year or Christmas photo zone. For children, you can order a real fairy-tale decoration if you use the magic of sequins. These pieces of plastic really work wonders. A picture of sequins suddenly comes to life, as soon as a light breeze touches their surface.

A special mirror coating can be applied to their surface. The sequins sway, reflect the rays of light, turning the photo zone into a real extravaganza of light. These are sparks, splashes, glare and shimmer. Surely children will like this magic. Therefore, be sure to include a sequin photo zone in the New Year's decoration of a children's matinee, a festive performance, a school evening.

Unique photo zone

It will never be superfluous for children to have a place for taking pictures. Sequin panels are easy to install and do not need special care, they are not afraid of dust or moisture. However, like any event for children, preparation for Christmas or New Year's holiday begins with a script. It is important that the photo zone for children is organically woven into the overall scenario and successfully complements the festive interior.

To do this, you should take care of creating a creative New Year's photo zone in advance. For children, you can use the magic of sequins one hundred percent, because: Unique photo zone, new year photo zone, SolaAir

  • This is not just a multi-colored screen with a thematic print, but a real dynamic design;
  • Like adults, children like it when the world around them is alive, mobile, bright;
  • The element of pleasant surprise, when the static suddenly becomes mobile, is a great opportunity to take really beautiful photos and videos;
  • The extravaganza of the light of the New Year's photo zone is no less interesting than the festive lights of the Christmas tree

Of course, the success of the New Year's photo zone (for children and their parents) depends, first of all, on the skill of the designer and specialists who create interactive panels with sequins. Their joint creativity will ensure the success of the holiday and good memories of it for the whole year.

The main thing, no matter where you are: the photo zone in any country in Europe will be real, festive. It is enough to use the magic of small pieces of plastic - sequins. We ship worldwide.

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