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To get good photos from an event of any kind, the best option is a sequin photo zone. Dynamic reflective elements of such a photo zone allow you to create the effect of movement, light reflection.

The magic of movement

Just pieces of plastic with an image or a mirror coating applied to them, due to their special effects:

  • attract attention,
  • create a special atmosphere in the place of photo and video shooting,
  • do not require additional equipment and expensive materials for installation.

The effects are created by the special fastening of the sequins in the sockets, leaving them free to rotate. Almost weightless sequins begin to sway and rotate from the slightest draft, wind or vibration. If a picture is applied to them, it seems to come to life. Mirror sequins reflect light, release sunbeams, glare and splashes of light. Such a decoration can make any holiday or corporate event bright.

Sequin Photo Zone, panels with sequins, SolaAirsequin photo zone, sequin decoration, SolaAir

For birthday and corporate parties

For a corporate event, a sequin photo zone is necessary because it creates good conditions for photo and video shooting, demonstrates the high status of the event and a modern look at the photo session. At the exhibition, such a structure is a magnet for visitors.

For a wedding, a sequin photo zone is simply irreplaceable. Thanks to its capabilities and effects, it helps to create a romantic, fabulous atmosphere for photo sessions and video filming, fits perfectly into any wedding style and guarantees good memories of the event to all its participants.

There is no New Year's holiday without a fairy tale. And here the sequin photo zone comes to the rescue again. The play of light and movement are the best decorations for a festive event. A photo zone can become not just a place for shooting, but a decoration for a festive scene or a performance held on New Year's Eve.

Birthday is the best holiday of the year. If you decide to celebrate it interestingly, to arrange a beautiful celebration for your parents or friends, you will definitely need a photo zone with sequins. Splashes of champagne and light, sunbeams and smiles of guests are what you need for a good party or anniversary celebration.

Gold is a symbol of wealth and success. Today, to demonstrate this, it is not necessary to adorn yourself with kilograms of jewelry. The presence of this magical glow in the decor of a room or event is quite enough. Therefore, a photo zone made of golden sequins will definitely be a success and will be in demand at any celebration. Golden shower, golden color, shine and the magic of gold concentrated in the location of the photo shoot is a great way to decorate your holiday.

If you need a magical sequin photo zone, you can buy and order it on our website. Delivery to European countries is available. You want to decorate your holiday, hold a successful event, attract the attention of potential customers and partners - you need a sequin photo zone for a successful and beautiful photo session.

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