Sequin Photo Zone, shimmering panels, SolaAir

A good office helps you make money. Its design is handled by professional designers who skillfully use dynamic reflective s panels such as interior advertising, as well as a sequin photo zone. These elements help to create a certain atmosphere in the office, make it memorable and creative, and convince the client that here he can get quality services for his money.

As a theater begins with a wardrobe, a good office begins with a signboard, a properly designed entrance. Office entrance can also be decorated with dynamic sequin panels. Their effect of image movement and luminous flux will attract attention and convince the client to come in for negotiations.

Creative office interior design

The first thing a customer or customer pays for when they come to your office is the design of the reception area. The more thoughtful the design of its interior, the more favorable the first impression will be. And then your employees will get down to business. Their task is to convince the client to make a purchase or conclude a contract.

However, it is quite logical to ask, why do we need a photo zone in the office? Successful negotiations, as a rule, are confirmed not only with signatures in documents but also with a photograph. And here a creative and modern photo zone in the office turns out to be very useful. Thus, you create all the conditions for the successful conclusion of the transaction and the establishment of long-term good relations with a partner or client. Today, a photo zone with sequins is the most optimal option, since it: sequin photo zone, panel with sequins, SolaAir

  • Due to dynamic reflective panels, it creates the right atmosphere for a photo session;
  • Does not require special conditions for this: electricity, humidity, light, etc;
  • Can work equally well both indoors and during an exhibition or outdoor event: the photo zone is easy to assemble, does not need constant maintenance and repair, and lasts a long time

Another great option is to mark up a backdrop with your ad elements in the reception area behind the secretary. All people who come to you will see your self-promotion and company logo. The secret of the success of using sequins in such advertising is that it consists of panels in which hundreds of small pieces of plastic are placed in special mounts. From the slightest breeze of draft or vibration, they begin to sway, "animating" the image applied to them, or sparkle and shine with rays of reflected light, thereby creating a unique effect. As a result, a photo zone, backdrop or a sign with sequins turns out to be more interesting and effective than a regular banner with a company logo or an advertising image.

If the company actively participates in exhibitions, you can order several similar photo zones of different designs and sizes: for the office, for exhibitions and for corporate events.

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