• Production of Advertising Signs from Sequins

    Production of Advertising Signs from Sequins

    Effective advertising is necessary for a successful business. The more vivid and attractive the advertisement, the more chances to achieve sales growth. The production of advertising signs from sequins provides this attraction, allocates you from the total mass of banners and billboards, which are full of city streets.

  • All the Beauty of Nature in the Shimmering Splendor of Sequins

    All the Beauty of Nature in the Shimmering Splendor of Sequins

    SolaAirSolaAiR ™ is a leading manufacturer of dynamic reflective panels for decoration and advertising structures.

    The company "Technology Reflection" has expanded the line of products under its own brand SolaAir. Now we can suggest 3 types of decorative reflective panels. There are the main panel called «Standard» with the size of the reflecting element of 30 mm, the reflective panel «Pixel» with the dimensions of the element 20 mm and the smallest panel called «Bit» with the dimensions of the reflecting elements of only 11 mm.

    Today SolaAir «Bit» has the smallest size of mobile reflective elements in the world!



    How much can an advertisement cost, if it’s attracting six times more visitors than traditional marketing practices? Naturally, it cannot cost a penny.

    In competitive conditions, it is quite difficult for a new business to attract new visitors and customers. The abundance of all sorts of advertising posters, stands and banners on the streets of cities have made people less susceptible to promotional products.

  • Light Splashes or Advertising Panels with New Effect

    Light Splashes or Advertising Panels with New Effect

    Do you need new ideas for window dressing, creating advertising signs, photo zones or press walls? Sequin advertising panels are a new trend. They are just small pieces of plastic that sway under the breath of air or from vibration. But sequins make the image come alive, creating the illusion of sparks, and lights. SolaAir company produces high-quality, reliable, unpretentious panels with sequins. Now the company is expanding its line of proposed effects.

  • Sequins Display Panels

    Sequins Display Panels

    First of all, any worthy exhibition is a high-quality stand of the company. Exhibit panels from sequins help to stand out from among the participants and express themselves. SolaAir technology opens up new opportunities for creating bright, unusual, memorable brand walls and press walls.

    Usually, a brand wall is just a metal frame 3 meters high with a plastic banner of the represented company. Its essential elements are the name of the company or event, its logo and slogan, and, of course, the photo. The length of this brand wall depends on the size of the exhibition stand. Typically used several such exhibition stands.