Sequins for Advertising, shimmering panels, SolaAir

Surely you have already seen these dynamic constructions in action. They are panels in which sequins are fixed. That sequins are ideal for advertising and festive decoration of the city, to decorate the premises and placards. These are pieces of plastic, suspended on a special holder. It allows the sequin to swing freely with the slightest breeze of the wind, or even just with vibration. This holder does not allow sequins to fly away with a strong wind.

An image “reviving” under the action of a stream of air or some sequins can be painted in one color to create the effect of streams of light.

Creative outdoor advertising

The effectiveness of dynamic advertising has already been tested. It remains to choose its design, format, and what will be your sequins for advertising. The choice is quite wide:

advertising signs, sequin panels, SolaAiR

  • banners on the facade or along a busy highway;
  • a sign on the store, club, salon;
  • flags, figures, as an element of festive decorations on the streets and squares

Each type of outdoor advertising has its own characteristics. For dynamics, you can use the entire surface of the structure or only a part of it. The effect of streams of light will be more appropriate for decorating the city for the holiday.

The effect of the movement is needed in all other types of advertising. Not only the design and a good idea are important, but also what type of sequins you choose for advertising: their size and shape, the number in the panel. For objects visible from afar, panels with large sequins of a round or multi-faceted shape are best suited.

It is better to choose panels with a large number of small rectangular-sized sequins for a sign or advertisement at a short distance from the viewer. The flag from sequins can be raised higher. It can replace the real one and last much longer. Plastic with a special coating does not lose the brightness of color, is not afraid of moisture, cold and strong wind.

You can buy ready-made design of your advertising or make it to order. Sequins for advertising offer opportunities for the realization of creative design, more effective than the usual static design. Your order will be completed within five days and then delivered to an address in Europe.

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