A few years ago, guests could be surprised by a wedding arch of fresh flowers. Now wedding decorators have to work hard to produce a real effect. A wedding decor is one of the most expressive elements of the celebration, which every season reflects the development of the entire wedding industry and world trends. Accordingly, the technology and materials for its creation are not standing still.

One of the stylish solution could be the use of SolaAir sequins walls. These panels will literally make your celebration brilliant and unique!

They are called sparkles, sequins, sparkling panels. These are flickering sequins walls using innovative SolaAir technology. They are the basis of “living” constructions and they are in constant motion, shimmering with colors, attracting all the attention of people.

We have collected 5 of the most non-dull options for using shimmering glitters, which will refresh your wedding and give you an incredible impressions!

Photo zones for a welcome cocktail

The wedding celebration begins with a welcome cocktail. Do you want to make it even easier for guests to get to know each other? You need to take care of a bright and fun photo zone. The correct background in the open area or indoors, designed in the concept of your wedding, will allow you to create good photos for memory.

The press wall with monograms of newlyweds has long gone out of fashion. Much more spectacular will look sequins wall, studded with thousands of sparkles and sequins, which "come to life" from the slightest breeze.

Circle, square or polyhedron sequins are three types of reflecting elements which can become the basis of SolaAir flickering structures of any size. Decide, which you like more!

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Wedding ceremony decor

One of the main trends is the use of geometric details and optical illusions in the design of the wedding ceremony. SolaAir moving and reflective elements embody these trends. However, they have several advantages:

  • It is easy to install. Instead of several hours of assembling a compound wedding arch, for a shimmering design you just need to snap the connecting elements together;
  • The coating of decorative panels is resistant to ultraviolet rays and has a high reflectivity, which is ideal even for a wedding under the scorching summer sun.

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Sequins Wall, decorative panels, SolaAiR

Presidium décor

The concept of a wedding celebration must be carried through all the details of the design. If your choice is a stylish wedding, then unexpected materials and original solutions would be appropriate.

The background at the table of the newlyweds can be decorated not with banal cascades of airy fabric, but with dynamic “live” designs with moving sequins in the desired color. In addition, such a decor of the presidium will be one of the main decorations of the banquet hall. The mirror surface of the sequins wall allows you to project images on them.

sequins wall, sequin art, decorative panels, SolaAiR

Wedding Decoration, decorative panels, SolaAiR

Candy Bar Décor

One of the main areas at the wedding and the highlight of the decor is a sweet table, served with candies for every taste. The filling of the candy bar entirely depends on the wishes of the couple. The design matches the style of the wedding. But even well-established techniques can be beaten in a new way, you just have to show imagination!

An abundance of fine decor (balloons, mini-bouquets that adorn the perimeter of the table), distracts attention from the proposed sweets. The background looks much more elegant if it looks like a background designed using SolaAir technology. The sequins wall allows the Candy Bar to stand out against the bright colors of the celebration.

Sequins Wall, decorative panels, SolaAiR

sequins panels, decorative panels, SolaAir

Sequins Wall, buy sequins panel, SolaAir

Wedding Decoration, decorative panels, Technology Reflection

Sequins Wall, decorative panels, SolaAir

Sophisticated decorations for the banquet room

The main trend, which can be traced not for the first season, is a multi-level decor that fills the entire space of the wedding venue - from the floor, walls to the ceiling. Using technology SolaAir, you can creatively decorate the banquet hall! Such decorative panels as sequins walls will successfully complement complex suspended structures, as well as high scenery around the guest tables, shimmering and iridescent in different colors.

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