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Recently, there became rather popular in our country the technology of living signs with air active paillettes. We asked the founder of “Reflective Technology”/SolaAir company Denis Sagidullin to tell us about current activities of the company and future prospects in this sphere.

«I’m glad to greet you! I’ll share the news with pleasure. As you know, our company is the leading manufacturer of decorative panels with movable reflective elements. All production facilities are completely located in our country. We are constantly working on improvement of our products according to the needs of our customers. We are trying to ensure conformity to the up-to-date requirements and find new instruments for promotion of the projects using movable reflective elements and such technology in general. Not so long ago we have launched the unified web-site живая-вывеска.рф  (living sign) meant for our clients - manufacturers of advertising structures. Such service gives an opportunity to any potential customer to get acquainted with the technology, catalogue of projects fulfilled and encourage making an order. It is interesting that over 20 companies have already appreciated good results of such kind of cooperation!

So, if I want to make an incoming group on your technology, I should find an appropriate link in browser and search for where and how I can do it. And among the first references in the searching system will be your list of manufacturers, is it true?

Quite right, and directly in your region! This service is actively promoted in the social media, with contextual advertising and on basic search sites. In other words, we are establishing interrelations between customers and manufacturer over the country!

Great! And how can anybody become your partner and be included into your catalogue of manufacturers?

It is very easy to become our partner, and absolutely free of charge, it is only necessary to perform several projects based on the SolaAir projects. And then send an appropriate documentary evidence of the project performance in the form of photo or visual materials to our e-mail: [email protected]. Then the ball will be in our court!

I’d like to ask you, what novelties may be expected from your company in 2019? 

In January we shall refresh the colour line of panels with paillettes. We prepared new interesting colour solutions. We are also planning to start production of an innovative product under the code name of SolaAir 3.0, however, please, let me tell you about it next time we meet!

Thanks a lot!»

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