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Billboards flooded the streets of cities and busy highways. They became part of the landscape, merging into one color kaleidoscope. Advertising on billboards with sequins looks advantageous against this background. Sequins are able to attract attention, forcing the advertising picture to come to life.

That is why live advertising has become so popular, and sequins successfully help businesses sell products and services.

Magical simplicity

What can be special about sequins? Plastic circles and rectangles are suspended on a horizontal holder and assembled into dynamic panels. A light breeze or even vibration makes the sequins sway. The image that is applied to their surface, as a result, comes into motion. If the sequins are mirror-smooth, they reflect the rays of light, giving rise to sparks, rainbow splashes and sunbeams.

If you need an unusual, creative advertising on billboards, you should use sequins to attract the attention of a potential buyer. Because in such advertising there is an element of magic, surprise and unpredictability.

Billboard area is quite large. It is even too big. This is correct, because advertising should be visible from afar. But, if the task is to stand out from the general information flow, there are several rules that will help to achieve good effectiveness of such advertising.

On billboards with sequins you do not just inform about the product or the service. First of all, it is necessary to make a person stop. What can be done for this? Advertising on billboards, gold shimmer wall panels, SolaAiR

  • You can use panels with sequins of various shapes (round or rectangular), different amounts in the panels SolaAir;
  • It is not necessary to fill the entire surface of the billboard with sequins. Think about dynamic accents that take advantage of the system;
  • Choose a design that attracts attention, but not annoying. There should not be many small details. At the same time, your advertisement should be easily recognizable;
  • Sequins also need a night light.

Such live advertising is perfect for product promotion or any service. Your designers can work on creating advertising hand in hand with our company specialist. We will help to develop original designs from sequins.

This will help create a really interesting billboard and sell products and services. Advertising on billboards using sequins is available in any city in Europe. We provide air delivery of ordered panels within a few days.

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