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It is not true that good, interesting photos from a children's holiday are only needed by parents. Of course, for the sake of children, they are ready to order a photo zone, and to organize a video shooting. But then, after a month or a year, the children enjoy watching these photos. Because the best gift for a children's holiday is good impressions, emotions and memories. A good shimmer wall helps to make unique photos, capture magic and catch emotions.

Magic sequins for the children's holiday

You can order a panel on the background of which children will be photographed in bright costumes for a masquerade. It also can be a decoration for a children's play. Such flickering sequin walls are really interesting, lively and magical. They are so attractive thanks to small pieces of plastic - art-sequins. They are suspended on thin holders, allowing them to swing freely under the breath of light draft or vibration. As a result, a static image turns into a vibrant and vivid picture.

Shimmer Wall, sequins wall, sequin art, SolaAiR

Before choosing which photo zone to order, you should find out what art-paillettes are capable of. Find out what other effects besides movement they can offer. Sequins can be:

  • Mirror type. Such sequins, reflecting the rays of light (solar or artificial), create the illusion of luminous flux, the play of light and shadow;
  • Monochromatic or with an image (a print is printed on the sequins, as a result, they become like a mosaic). The main effect is movement, interactivity;
  • Different shapes (disk, polygon or rectangle) and different size.

Art sequins are collected in the panel. This allows you to easily and quickly mount the shimmer wall of proper size anywhere, including in the open air. The price of such a shimmer wall depends on its total area, the type and number of sequins (reflecting mirror or print). You can order a photo zone from sequins directly on the site. You also have the opportunity, ordering panels for shimmer wall, to get them with delivery in Europe. No matter where you live, we will deliver within a week. Call us, we will help you choose the right shimmer wall.

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