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SolaAir™ is the leading manufacturer of dynamic reflective panels meant for decorative and advertising structures. The “Reflective Technology” Company has extended the line of products, manufactured under its own trademark of SolaAir. Currently the assortment of this enterprise includes three types of reflective panels.

The basic panel – referred to as “Standard” – has the size of reflective elements 30 mm, Pixel panel has reflective elements with 20 mm diameter, and the smallest panel Bit has reflective elements with only 11 mm diameter. At present the size of movable reflective elements of SolaAir Bit panels is the smallest in the world!  The “Reflective Technology” production facilities are intended for manufacturing not only of decorative panels, but also of mirror reflective films for the own needs of the company. The colour range includes over 25 bright and rich shades and special effects.

Despite of the wide range of standard colours, technologists of the enterprise developed a unique technology for coating of reflective elements with multicolour images. It is interesting to note that such image itself can be made with various special visual effects – from mirror to satin chrome.  It should be mentioned that the company specialists are involved in active promotion of the dynamic advertising technology based on usage of shaking scintillating sequins.

Specially for advertising agencies and manufacturers of structures, using the SolaAir technology in their projects, there was developed the online service www.живая-вывеска.рф. Such service is helpful for the customers in prompt finding of appropriate manufacturer in their region.  The company management pays great attention to the quality of manufactured products, therefore the enterprise received the GOST Russia certificates of conformity, fire certificates, and also temperature-chamber testing was performed. The products showed high serviceability results for various climatic zones.

Right now the warranty period for the SolaAir trademark products is 2 years, and their actual service life is five and more years.  Prompt manufacturing of ordered dynamic panels and own logistic service ensure delivery of ordered products to any place on the territory of Russia and countries of the Customs Union and Europe in the shortest possible time period – within 3 – 7 days.   You always can get acquainted with the latest news, products, full assortment of colours, kinds of panels available and find answers to your questions at our site.

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