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How to attract more clients to your business and be always in the foreground – the opinion of Denis Sagidullin, the “Indigo-Signs” founder  

- Nowadays it is very difficult to make any kind of advertising which will not get lost among great amount of other visual advertising information. Is it possible to differentiate oneself from others and become recognized?

- You are quite right, any brand should have its own identity to be competitive on the market and it is very important and hard to create a demand in any industry. Out-of-home advertising represents a significant and indispensable part of any successful business. The “Indigo-Signs” company as an advertising production enterprise provides development and implementation of the most fantastic ideas of the clients based on standard materials, including without limitation wood, metal, concrete, foamed plastics, etc. Outdoor advertising is efficient because one cannot switch it off or ignore, that is one has to contact it inevitably. However, such advertising must meet the essential requirements: it should be eye-catching, laconic and easily perceptible in motion.

- A month ago the city was decorated with amazing brown-and-black St.George’s signs, which attracted attention both of pedestrians and people in passing cars. Please tell us about this technology.

- This is a joint project of our company with the Administration of Krasnodar city. The technology is patented under the SolaAir trademark, i.e. abbreviation of “solar” and “air”. It works as follows: shining mirror discs – big sequins are mounted in such a way that they are moving when activated by air flows and reflect light. They are resistant to exposure of sun, rain, cold, heat. Thus they create a very interesting visual effect both at natural and artificial lighting.

sequins sign advertising, outdoor advertising, SolaAiR

- How difficult was it to develop and make such products?

- At present the SolaAir system is patented and protected according to the patent laws of the Russian Federation. Our developments are based on the preceding international inventions and our resulting products meet the contemporary requirements. Until recently the constituent parts were manufactured by European and American companies according to our orders. Today we have established the whole production cycle in our country. From July we begin manufacturing of products with proud marking: “Made in Russia”.

- What are any other applications of this technology?

- It may be used in any instances when it is necessary to draw particular attention as according to our researches usage of the SolaAir technology increases external contact and concentration of attention by 70 percent.

- Has your company any special offers for the clients?

- The “Indigo-Signs” company is in constant search for new nonstandard ways to meet our customers’ demands. Isn’t it the most important offer for the clients?

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