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Sequins are small plastic movable elements that make up a dynamic reflective panel. Such live sequins can be used not only for advertising and visualization. For a photo zone wall, this plastic mosaic is simply irreplaceable. It is able to decorate any event and celebration. Against the background of such a creative photo zone wall, pictures and videos will always be interesting and memorable.

Sequin photo zone system

There are many public events in any city. And for each such event: commercial, sports or corporate, wedding, anniversary, you need just such a creative photo zone wall. Photos and videos are just as important as the occasion itself. Live sequins for a photo zone wall, due to the effect of a reviving image and light reflection, will create a festive atmosphere during a photo session and video shooting.

For this it is enough:

  • create a beautiful design layout using movable elements - sequins;
  • think over the placement of the photo zone wall in order to best fulfil its main task;
  • take care of ordering a creative photo zone with sequins in advance. As a rule, the more complex the
  • order, the longer it takes to complete it.

sequins photo zone, photo zone background, SolaAir

Installation of such a photo zone wall is not complicated at all and does not require special knowledge and skills. Only panels with sequins, ready to create festive magic. They are lightweight, flexible, not afraid of wind, rain or bright sun. Therefore, they do not lose the brightness of colours over time, do not warp from frost and do not fly around like autumn leaves due to gusts of strong wind. Live sequins for a photo zone wall can be used not only indoors, but also outside it: at a sports event, for an outdoor photoshoot and video shooting in nature.

For the manufacture of sequins in photo zone walls used, including outside the premises, weather and ultraviolet resistant coating are provided. If you need lively sequins for an indoor photo zone, they will not have such powerful protection. But fastenings that prevent sequins from leaving their place in the gusts of wind will remain as strong as for those options used in outdoor advertising.

To order and buy panels for a photo zone wall, it is enough to go to the website of the "Technology of Reflection" company and place an order for their production. We have partners all over the world, just like shipping. Therefore, the fulfilment of your order and its delivery will not take much time.

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