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Perhaps the most common type of outdoor advertising is banners. They are visible from afar and take up quite a lot of space. At the same time, a banner made of sequins does its job somewhat better than a regular one. The effect of movement and reflection of the light flux works perfectly and at the same time does not require significant costs for the creation and maintenance of such outdoor advertising.

The main manufacturer of dynamic sequin structures is the company "Technology Reflection" (its SolaAir brand is well known not only in Russia but also abroad). Optimum reliability and maximum unpretentiousness of panels with live sequins make it possible to use them in any climatic zone in any weather.

Sequin banner: what to look for when ordering

Dynamic panels, thanks to their special mount design, securely hold the pieces of plastic in place. As a result, such a banner does not "fly around" like a poplar in autumn. Even in strong winds, sequins continue to work, attracting the attention of a potential buyer. They can carry an image on the surface, be covered with a special reflective compound that turns an ordinary-looking advertisement into an extravaganza of color and paint.

In order for a banner with sequins to attract attention, it is worth paying attention to a few points:

outdoor advertising, Sequin banner, SolaAir

  • Since the surface of the banner periodically moves under the influence of airflow or vibration, this feature must be taken into account when creating a graphic layout of your advertising information;
  • To draw attention to your products or services, it is not at all necessary to make a banner entirely from dynamic panels. It is enough to select with their help a part of the image (logo, slogan or another element);
  • How smooth the "animation" of sequins will depend on the number of these circles or squares in the panel, their density per 1 square meter;
  • If you have a large banner designed to attract the attention of not only pedestrians, but also transport drivers, you cannot chase the number of sequins per square meter, but choose large round sequins that are clearly visible from afar;
  • Despite the fact that sequins do not need power for the magic of the image to come to life, the night illumination of your banner is still necessary

A sequin banner will do its job perfectly if you choose the right location for it. A good advertising idea increases the chances of success. By themselves, magic sequins will not be able to bring you clients. Their possibilities are wide, but not limitless. You just need to use them correctly. Do not just buy sequins for outdoor advertising, but think over everything carefully: an advertising idea, its graphic embodiment, the use of sequins to enhance the effect. The cost of dynamic advertising is low. Sequins do not require constant maintenance and repair. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty. But they serve much longer.

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