holiday decoration, sequin photo zone, SolaAir

Not a single public event is complete without a photo session, and therefore without an original photo zone. Creativity is achieved in various ways, but the sequin photo zone is beyond the competition. There are several reasons. The animation effect is created by using small-sized moving parts, like a mosaic, that makes up one graphic whole. Quick and easy installation of a photo zone in a place convenient for a photo session (indoors, outdoors). The biggest advantage is the reliability and durability of the structure, the resistance of paints to weathering.

A photo zone with sequins for corporate parties, exhibitions, weddings and anniversaries

A good photo session and high-quality video filming are necessary for both the organizers of the meeting and its participants. The interesting bright photo zone made of sequins allows you to successfully solve this problem. It helps to promote the brand, sell services and goods, create the necessary atmosphere at the event and provide everyone who took part in the photo session with good memories in the form of beautiful photos and videos.

Structurally, panels with sequins for the photo zone are plastic mounting blocks in which moving elements are located. From ordinary vibration, a small draft or a stream of air, they begin to swing along two axes, creating the illusion of movement and refracting the reflected light. It all looks very impressive.

Moreover: holiday decoration, photo zone with sequins, SolaAir

  • Sequins, due to different shapes (rhombus, square, circle), help to create various graphic compositions;
  • A wide range of colors makes it possible to embody almost any design idea aimed at solving a specific problem;
  • The flexibility of the base of the panels, ease of installation excludes the use of special equipment and specialists. You can yourself, without anyone's help, install a photo zone for a photo session;
  • Special processing of sequins from the weather allows you to successfully use such photo zones at the marriage registration, for organizing a corporate party, sports competition held outdoors;
  • Sequin panels do not need power for motion effect

Large companies and start-ups, agencies for organizing events and holding wedding events have already appreciated the true value of sequin photo zones. You can order them in any country. We have fast delivery all over the world. The manufacturer works through its partners and guarantees the quality and reliability of the design. Our sequins do not break in strong winds, at low temperatures and precipitation. The sequin coating in terms of its durability and resistance is comparable to car enamel but is not subject to mechanical damage.

If you need a high-quality and beautiful sequin photo zone, you can always buy one from the company "Technology Reflection" It is the leading manufacturer of these structures in Russia. A sequin photo zone using SolaAir technology is the key to the success of an event of any level.

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