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A holiday is always bright colours and emotions, movement and communication. So, for the success of any solemn event or public event, it is very important to create the right atmosphere, including through the successful design of the venue. One of the best photo zone ideas is dynamic reflective panels for a photo zone that look much more interesting than static design.

These panels of the photo zone banner are a construction consisting of hundreds of pieces of plastic, not rigidly fixed, but resistant to strong air pressure. It is the flow of air that is the engine that makes these sequins work their magic. If an image is applied to them, it begins to move under the action of the airflow. Sequins with a mirror surface begin to scatter sunbeams, sparks and splashes of light around as soon as a light breeze touches their surface. Such panels with sequins for a photo zone will surely provide the necessary atmosphere during a festive photoshoot and video shooting.

Sequin panels for the photo zone

Why would such a photo zone turn out to be more interesting than the usual festive panel, against which a photoshoot and performance of the first persons usually take place? Because the moving image:

  • looks unusual;
  • attracts attention;
  • evokes emotions and awakens fantasy;
  • noticeable from afar;
  • fits the holiday spirit

When preparing for the holiday, it is important to choose the right style for the photo zone and use the magic of sequins in such a way as to achieve the best result.

Shiny panels for the photo zone

photo zone ideas, shiny sequins, SolaAir

It is no coincidence that panels with mirror-coated sequins are preferred by various public institutions for outdoor advertising: casinos, fitness centers, bars, nightclubs. Glare and play of light, even under artificial lighting, always work better to attract an audience than just a light box or illuminated banner. You will not surprise anyone with bright pictures of advertising now. Therefore, panels with shiny sequins stand out in the best possible way against the general monotonous background.

That is why it is precisely the shiny panels for a photo zone or stand or pavilion design that are chosen by companies seeking to make themselves widely known during public events.

Weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, a good party are not complete without a photo session. It is worth spending money to make the event memorable for a long time. Today, buying panels with sequins for a photo zone is no longer a problem. It is enough to go to our website and order dynamic panels with a polychrome or monochrome coating, which allows you to create the effect of a painting or light firework on the spot for video and photography. Of course, each event will require its own photo zone. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The panels are quite light, and installation is not complicated and does not require special skills. Sequins are covered with protection from the sun, moisture, low temperatures and are securely fastened from strong gusts of wind. Exactly what you need for a good photoshoot. Today, sequin panels for a photo zone can be bought or ordered with delivery to any city in any country. Even if our branch is not there, we will ensure the delivery of your unique photo zone within a few days.

You can organize an unforgettable holiday with our help!

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