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Today, creative advertising campaigns are the work of many professionals. These companies include finding their client, choosing a promotion channel, slogan, graphics, design, outdoor advertising placement points. No matter how much they say that all advertising has gone to the Internet and on television, a good sign and banner in a good place attract no less potential customers than a well-made website, advertising in search engines and social networks. The main thing is to have a creative, attractive slogan and graphic design, as well as sequins.

For advertising, these pieces of plastic fluttering in the wind create that very element of surprise and magic when a seemingly static advertising picture suddenly starts to move. It attracts attention.

Sequins for outdoor advertising

The human eye reacts more quickly to a moving object than to a stationary one. If you want your ad to be seen, it must be dynamic. This problem is solved in several ways: LCD monitors are rented, which show your advertising video, a creeping line of LEDs with useful text is launched above the sign, or dynamic sequin panels are used for the banner and signage.

Sequins for advertising are selected:

  • in shape (round, square, rectangular);
  • by colour or colour scheme (one or several colours that make up the advertising image that needs to be revived);
  • by the method of exposure (movement of a picture or reflection of rays of light)
  • by the number in the panel (the more sequins, the smoother the movement will be under the influence of the airflow)

To correctly use sequins for advertising, you need to take into account their features: the shape, size of the banner, the method of location (the whole surface or only the logo or the name of the company, salon, studio, etc.), the name of the company, salon, studio, which is "alive" or shining with rays, a combination of movable and fixed colors objects.

Sequins for advertising are simply irreplaceable. Because they do not fade in the sun, they are not afraid of moisture, low temperatures and pressure drops, they do not fly around in strong winds thanks to reliable fasteners and a special coating. It is not difficult to buy such sequins for advertising: “The Technology Reflection” company works all over the world through its partners, monitors the quality and terms of order execution.

advertising campaigns, sequin panels, SolaAir

Sequins for advertising a store or salon, gallery or fitness centre are also good because they allow you to embody the most daring design solutions to attract the attention of buyers of services and goods, visitors and customers. They serve for a long time, do not require constant expenses for cleaning and repairs after bad weather. Trust your success with sequins for advertising and people will know about your company or store.

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