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Both buyers and sellers love good advertising. It should be interesting and attract attention. Live sequins are in trend now - advertising that does not need electricity to create the effect of movement. Such advertising panels with sequins are made by the company "Technology Reflection". These panels do not break under strong gusts of wind, sequins do not lose their brightness in the sun and cold, they last long enough for a potential client to appreciate their magic.

Sequin Live Advertising

Each dynamic panel consists of a frame with specially designed sequin holders. It provides them with a firm hold and the necessary freedom to move along the axis of the attachment to create the effect of movement. Each panel contains several hundred sequins. These are pieces of plastic that have a specific colour applied to them. Like a mosaic, they can create a composition in the form of an advertising image. Sequins reflect light, scattering sunbeams around. A small blow of wind or even just vibration is enough, as the sequins begin to sway, and the advertising picture seems to come to life. Living sequins are great for signs, billboards, billboards, and interior design. Such advertising turns out to be original, inexpensive and does not require repair and maintenance costs.

As with any good advertisement, when creating billboards with sequins, you need:

  • a good idea that can attract attention, because sequins on their own cannot provide you with sales, but they can draw attention to your sign or billboard;
  • attractive design, taking into account the features of dynamic panels;
  • correct choice of quantity, shape, colour scheme for dynamic elements (sequins)

Why are live sequins so effective? Advertising using dynamic reflective panels is visible from afar due to the constant movement of its elements. The human eye reacts more readily to movement. LCD monitors and lightboxes also provide this effect but are more expensive to manufacture and maintain. To move them, you need the services of specialists. In contrast, anyone can handle the installation of dynamic panels with sequins.

sequin live advertising, sequin panels, SolaAir

How much does this live sequin ad cost? The price depends on the area of the advertising surface on which they are installed, the number of dynamic elements, their shape and coating (usual colour or mirror reflective).

Where can you order live sequins? Advertising, effective and inexpensive, is needed everywhere. Therefore, you can order and manufacture panels with sequins from us with worldwide delivery.

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