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A wedding is exactly that wonderful holiday that will surely be remembered for many years, especially if you leaf through a photo album or watch a video of this wonderful event. In order for the memories to be vivid, you need a good photo zone. A lot of guests always come to the wedding. They want to get beautiful photos and videos as a keepsake of the event. So, it is so important that the photo zone for the photo session is beautiful, helps to create a special romantic mood and provide a high-quality photo and video shooting.

One of the best options is a sequin photo zone. This is a structure assembled from flexible panels with pieces of plastic fixed in special holders. Part of the image can be applied to them or a reflective coating can be made. From the slightest breeze or vibration, the sequins begin to sway in their nests, and the art mosaic assembled from them starts to move. These sequin panels are offered by the company "Technology Reflection".

Wedding photo of the bride and groom

Of course, not only the photo zone helps to create romance and a fairy tale during a photo session. The skill of the photographer, videographer and editor is also important. But it is the sequin photo zone that is the best decoration for the first official joint photos and videos of a young couple. For the photo session, a place is selected and a banner for the photo zone is created. Stylists and decorators are always invited to the wedding. This means that a successful photo session requires the efforts of many specialists. In order for the photo zone for a wedding to be successful, it is necessary to take into account:

  • general style of the wedding performance;
  • location for photo and video filming;
  • the size of the photo zone banner should not be too large,
  • a combination of colors, which should be suitable for the theme of the wedding, so as not to interfere, but to help the shooting;
  • wishes of the young couple on the scenario and design of the photo session

Each element of the photo zone design should be thought out and correspond to the general idea of ​​the wedding shooting. It is better to order the design of a photo zone for a wedding in advance before the specialists start preparing the banquet hall and choosing the location for the photo session.

good photo zone, wedding photo zone, SolaAir

A sequin photo zone allows you to make the shooting process more spectacular and dynamic. Viewers will certainly want to touch this magic and hold their photo session against the backdrop of a creative and interesting, magical photo zone. Because everyone dreams of plunging into the fabulous, romantic atmosphere of a wedding celebration.

In most cases, the wedding photo zone is considered by the organizers as a kind of static decoration. Sequin panels turn it into more than just a screen or props that can be folded down for your next event.

If you are planning to hold a wedding celebration, you definitely need a sequin photo zone. You can buy it by placing an order on our website with worldwide delivery. The company has offices in many countries. This means you don't have to wait long for your order. A magical wedding photo zone decorated with sequin panels is not a simple decoration. This is the right decision for a successful celebration.

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