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Review of SIGNForum2018 - the main event in the sphere of outdoor advertising 

Every day specialists of the OOH advertising industry are thinking over new ways for amazing their customers by creation of original and best-looking signs and eye-catching decoration of building facades. Currently such promotional approach is the most widely spread in comparison with any other methods of the products and services promotion at the advertisers’ market. Therefore, professionals must do their best to develop and implement innovative technologies for outdoor advertising production. This is exactly the objective of SIGNForum2018 – the forum of OOH advertising manufacturers, which already over 12 years gathers annually all like-minded colleagues under one roof.

The 12th SIGNForum2018 took place from 27 to 30 September in the hotel Les Art Resort near Moscow. Traditional organizer of the Forum was WRS company. Among the Forum visitors there were over 250 individuals, companies from 40 towns of Russia and EU countries. The organizers prepared an eventful business program, including round tables, discussions and meetings on topics of professional interest. Specific feature for this Forum was active participation of advertising production companies in preparation of presentations and round tables. Many companies have similar problems and it is always useful to share experience.

The leading speaker of the event was the WRS Marketing Director Sergey Okovantsev. The event photo zone was arranged this year in cooperation with the partner company SolaAir. A very interesting presentation was made by Denis Sagidullin, a representative of the SolaAir company – the leading manufacturer of dynamic reflective panels meant for decorations and advertising structures. The innovative SolaAir technology was developed for production of shining, scintillating, glaring, living signs, signs with sequins.  Such panels are easily assembled and mounted, they can be attached to the most difficult surfaces. The structure is rather light, however has durable service life, is strong and resistant to environmental factors.

At the stand of the company located in the foyer of the conference-hall the visitors could personally test the panels quality. By the way, at the end of the Forum a small specimen was given to all interested visitors.

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