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In the advertising business, the main thing is that in the end we get the result, and the goods and services find their buyer. How can live advertising help in this? Sequins create an effect of movement that the human eye more readily recognizes in the general stream of daily visual information. To do this, small pieces of plastic - sequins - are collected in special dynamic sequin wall panels.

Each sequin is suspended on the holder, fixed, but not rigidly. And the easiest breeze or just vibration can bring her out of a state of rest. Sequins swing, and if an advertising image (or part of it) is applied to them, an illusion is created that the picture comes to life.

Sequins painted in one tone, coated with a special reflective composition. Then their movement turns into a play of light. Sprays, sparks, sunbeams, flickering and constant movement of sequins will make the advertising structure noticeable.

Shimmer backdrop with sequins: the right choice of design

Unlike light boxes, LED advertising and LCD panels, the magic of sequins does not need electricity. They only need wind and sun. This is a truly lively advertisement. Sequins are firmly fixed in the panels so that a gust of strong wind does not blow them into the distance.

A special coating protects them from ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes and high humidity. This is what you need for good outdoor advertising. Shimmer backdrop panels do not require special installation skills and equipment; they can be bent and fixed using self-tapping screws or double-sided tape. They are lightweight and durable.

The main thing you need to know if you need such an effective live advertisement is that the sequins should be of the right size and shape. Their number in the panel is also important. The more sequins, the more advantageous the shimmer backdrop looks.

What are the sequin wall panels?

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  • They are round, square and rectangular. The shape of the sequins depends on the design features and design of the advertisement, its placement (front, banner or pillar).
  • They create the effect of movement or reflection. For each type of advertising there is a choice of color and cover sequins. Three series designed for outdoor and interior advertising, and décor.
  • They do not require maintenance and repair, since special fasteners reliably hold each sequin in place.

Today, such an original live advertisement is becoming increasingly popular. The shimmer backdrop with sequins is more effective than static designs, their cost is lower than for other types of dynamic advertising.

You can order and buy sequin wall panels in any city. The development company has local partners. Depending on the complexity, the time to complete the order can be five to seven days. If you need an effective and reliable live advertising, sequins are the best choice.

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