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A good sign should attract attention, be informative and beautiful. Live signs that use sequin wall panels help to attract attention and decorate a store, salon or club. Sequins are small pieces of plastic on which the image is applied. They create the effect of a moving picture from a simple breath of air or vibration. No additional effort is needed, only sequins, a breeze, and a good design idea.

Sequin Signs Boost Sales

Live signs alone do not solve the problem of store or salon attendance. They are part of the advertising campaign, but the most effective, as it attracts attention better, thereby solving the main problem.

What does live sign from sequin wall panels need for success?

  • interesting design;
  • the correct choice of dynamic elements (shape, size, number of sequins in the panel);
  • good name and a slogan

Sequins are round, square and octagonal. If you choose the color of the sequins the same as the main color of the sign, it is better to choose round or octagonal sequins. This choice increases the recognition of the sign from sequin wall panels.

For a contrasting combination of color sequins and background, it is worth giving preference to rectangular sequins. The more sequins in the panel, the smoother will be the change in the picture of a live sign. In any case, specialists from the Technology of Reflection company (SolaAir) will help with the selection of elements of a dynamic system.

A sign, like any outdoor advertisement, must be resistant to atmospheric and weather tests, durable and attractive for a long time. Panels with sequins SolaAir are not afraid of frost, rain, snow, and strong wind.

Thanks to a special protective layer, sequins do not fade in the sun, while maintaining the brightness of the colors. The manufacturer gives a two-year warranty on the sequin panel. All that sequins need for good work is sometimes to dust off their surface so that they remain bright and visible from afar.

Sequin panels are lightweight, easy to install. They can be used to create the effect of movement on the entire surface of the sign or only part of it, focusing on some design element (name, company logo, etc.). Unlike a light box or LED advertising, live signage from sequins is reliable and durable.

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Take care of successful sales in spring and summer by ordering sequin wall panels. Production time - up to five days. Delivery - to any city in Europe and beyond.

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