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Unconventional and fancy solutions used for decoration of the streets in our towns always attract our attention, however their “mysteriousness” sometimes makes us to doubt in their reliability and accessibility. Whereas such events as this exhibition give an opportunity to get acquainted in details with such facilities, dispel any doubts and even learn more about their new applications. A development of such kind – SolaAir technology – was presented at the exhibition “Advertising-2015”, which took place at the end of September, by the “Indigo-Signs” company.

SolaAir is a unique patented technology intended for creation of scintillating structures, “reviving” by air flows, developed in 2012 by the specialists of “Indigo-Signs” - one of the major advertising production companies in Krasnodar. Such advertising facilities include various shining, glittering, scintillating structures with attached thereto paillettes, sequins, etc. This technology has a very wide range of intended use. It may be successfully applied in outdoor systems – for manufacturing of signboards, façade panels, separately standing structures, for instance, billboards 6x3 m. Very effective are flags and elements of urban decoration made with the help of such technology. Great-looking may be decoration of a city on the eve of New Year.

One of innovative developments of the “Indigo-Signs” company is represented by independent hanging structures of a ceiling lamp type. Actually the range of their use is very wide – for brand-stands, exhibition stands, photo-zones, displays, etc. For efficient application of SolaAir technology in absence of natural air inflow, i.e. indoors, the manufacturer has provided special aids, clearly demonstrated by the company on its stand at the exhibition “Advertising-2015”.

As noted by the “Indigo-Signs” founder Denis Sagidullin, for presentation at the exhibition they have chosen a minimalistic SolaAir style in classic silver colour, provided ventilation and lighting means so as to illustrate the scope of the company offer, principles of the system operation and possibilities for its application. Also worth noting is that on the Russian market and abroad there are quite a number of analogues, as the principle of development of structures with sequins attached to the surface with the help of pins, shaking by air flows, is known for over 100 years.

Each inventor introduces thereto his own specific features, which may be not evident at first sight. However all of them are concerned about their intellectual property rights and developments, because great scientific efforts and financial resources are invested into each improvement of such device. Thus, the right to use the SolaAir technology in the Russian Federation is protected by several patents.

Denis Sagidullin shared with us a brief history of new direction of his business: “This product, rather many of its analogues, is known to us long ago – from plates to panels. We were fond of such technology, therefore we decided to implement it in our projects. Then we developed our own device and methods of its usage, based on the existing international experience. Our own solution was improved and patented. We tried to protect our technology against any falsification to the maximum extent possible – we patented the system in whole, and also full-colour panel based on our system. Now we can safely say that it is possible to print a full-colour picture on the background and cover it with the help of the SolaAir system with the same full-colour image printed thereon (two types of printing are used for creation of images – with UV-curable ink and latex).   First of all our target was to use such system in outdoor advertising facilities, where such criterion as service life is of primary importance, therefore special requirements were imposed to the materials used. Special polymer material with UV-stabilizers was manufactured in Europe according to our specific order, which was intended at least for 2-3 years of outdoor service life. During the whole year we tried to optimize the technology of multilayer mirror coating, halfyear more – colour application. All coatings were composite and required thorough approach both to rendition and stability of colours.

sequins signs, Sequins for advertising, SolaAir

We would draw the attention to the fact that it was not just any Chinese film, but customized polymer material, highly resistant to temperature and UVradiation. The coating technology was developed and implemented in Russia, it passed the required testing under conditions of our country in independent laboratories. Currently this procedure is in progress, we are trying to improve and widen the colour pallet, use and test various pigments and other components for their further usage in our products. We feel that customers are interested in our products, so we are planning to improve and increase our production, carry out further scientific researches and testing works. Even now we have several ideas for improvement of our system. I hope we’ll be able to demonstrate them next year at the exhibition “Advertising-2016”.

Nowadays “Indigo-Signs” is performing the SolaAir project in industrial-scale volumes countrywide. The company delivers panels made in 15 basic colours, which are easily installed, and the specific feature of the system is its service durability. Interest to such products is really very high, it was confirmed at the present exhibition. At present the company’s target is to establish the partner network all over Russia. It welcomes all the companies, which are ready to use the SolaAir system for promotion of their business. The inevitable result will be creation of picturesque and large-scale projects in various regions of the country.

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