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Today more and more popular is becoming production of advertising structures and decorative elements based on the SolaAir technology of movable mirror reflective elements. Ole Golovchansky, the head of the sales department of “Reflective Technology” company reveals the specific features and advantages of SolaAir.

Recently we more often come across examples of imitation of our technology. On the one hand, this is good news – the SolaAir popularity is growing, our team’s work is appreciated and recognized by our potential clients. On the other hand, there exist also causes for concern.

First of all I would like to mention that our company has developed and patented the following innovations:

  1. the basic device – SolaAir reflective decorative panel;
  2. an auxiliary element – the rod for fastening movable reflective elements;
  3. the method for implementing the major part of projects based on the previous two patents – decorative reflective panel.

Consequently, usage of such technology without prior consent of the right holder shall constitute breach of the law.

We are also concerned about the issue that those who imitate SolaAir fail to comply with the standards of quality, established by our company. Such imitations of poor quality may serve rather as anti-advertising for the technology of movable reflective mirror elements.

Cost of the products

The cost of our products is lower than that of the major part of existing analogues due to the following reasons:

  • we have introduced at our enterprise the full cycle of manufacturing the constituent parts for the panels;
  • we have introduced the full cycle of manufacturing the material for the reflective elements.

Our company does not use various vinyl films as some other manufacturers are doing, thus we are able to be positioned as a unique enterprise, which is less dependent on the rate of foreign currencies.

The existing similar Chinese products are not cheaper, and taking into account their delivery and customs clearance costs they may be even more expensive, than our products.

The risks for application of any alternative solutions.

Cooperation with Chinese manufacturers has some problems, which you are to face for certain, such as:

  • materials, used for reflective elements, may have no UV-protection (they become discoloured during 4-12 weeks);
  • coloured mirror coating is applied on the face surface, which causes easy scratching of the reflective elements;
  • no warranty obligations are ensured.

If any self-adhesive materials are used for colouring movable reflective elements, it may result in failure of the structure, externally influenced by severe weather conditions, thus limiting its service life by durability of the used self-adhesive materials.

Quality of the SolaAir movable reflective elements

Specialists of the “Reflective Technology” company developed the unique technology of multilayer mirror coating and wide colour range for the reflective elements coating, which are used for our products. Although the system has been actively used in many projects worldwide for several years, we continue to work on searching innovative materials and coating technologies so as to ensure as long service life for our products as possible.

buy sequins panel, reflective decorative panel,  SolaAir In conclusion I would like to say that purchasing the original products from the “Reflective Technology” company you get full-scale support on all essential aspects of business:

  • assistance in implementation of any designing solutions based on the SolaAir decorative panels;
  • clean title to the products;
  • warranty support;
  • advertising support on the RF territory.

It is important for our customers to realize that buying the SolaAir based structures they receive absolutely unique products, manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation. We are proud of our products and will be happy to welcome you as our future clients!

If you are interested in SolaAir advertising technology, you are welcome to contact right now the development and manufacturing company “Reflective Technology” and order original advertising structures of any shape and dimensions.

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