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Now it is a tradition for many people to have their pictures taken at any important events and remarkable places. For such purpose some companies use a very efficient marketing solution by means of creation of interesting installations, using such instrument for promotion of their business. This trend was in evidence at the exhibition “Advertising”...

The “Reflective Technology” stand became a magnet of such kind, attracting people as a really creative photo zone, thus participation of the company in the exhibition quickly expanded beyond the offline limits and drew attention of the most sophisticated advertising professionals from various towns of Russia and CIS countries.

“Reflective Technology” is a participant of the exhibition “Advertising” for the third year and therefore, its brand became recognizable and popular. The director and founder of the company Denis Sagidullin gave the following comments: “At this exhibition I have met clients from various regions, who are perfectly well familiar with our products. I am very pleased to get acquainted with the colleagues from various regions of our country – from southern to northern borders of Russia – all of them appreciate our cooperation and actively use our products. We are always glad to share our latest news with the advertising specialists and introduce our new products to the customers.”

The main newly-designed product, exhibited by the “Reflective Technology” company, is the SolaAir Bit panel with tiny moving elements (12 x 12 mm). The panel is made of a super strength polymer material. It can be used for production of pictures and various images actually of photographic quality. Visual image can be both mono- and polychromatic, movable elements are directly coated with any photographic image. Such photographic quality is achieved by means of using an additional underlayer with identical image. Due to the panel transparency it completely reproduces the background image.

Its construction has specific secrets. Mounting rods, which attach the movable elements to the panel, have prism-shape, therefore they are absolutely invisible even at short distance. The material transparency and shape ensure precise imaging of any underlayer colour, which in the suggested concept is identical to that on the movable elements. This is the reason why “the rods”, intended for attachment of sequins, are actually invisible on the pictures, made with application of the SolaAir Bit technology. The company recommends usage of this product for printing of active photos, creation of photo zones and decorations, window dressing and other solutions, where photographic quality of a picture and its visual impression at close distance are of utmost importance.

Already today within the framework of a new project there has been developed an original service – . It provides an instrument for any visitor to download a photo or any picture, convert them to various formats using sequins and send an online order. This is an innovative souvenir business line of the company – production of creative gifts with the help of SolaAir technology.

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Denis Sagidullin also told us about other important news of the company, where many changes occurred during last year. In particular, the enterprise was reequipped – new kinds of equipment were developed, which contributed to acceleration of the process of assembly and delivery of finished products. The company established its own logistic service, which organizes prompt delivery of products by air actually to any place of Russia and CIS states.

The “Reflective Technology” company is also a manufacturer of mirror films for its panels, which facilitates among other things in creation of picturesque images with various special effects. This year some more special effects were developed – such as holographic crystals, holographic diodes and polished metal. The latter was created for using in loft-style projects, where sequins of the polished metal pattern are recommended to be used.

In conclusion, summarizing first results of the exhibition, Denis Sagidullin, shared his impressions: “It was a great pleasure to participate in this exhibition, many advertising professionals arrived from various distant regions of the country. As a matter of fact, everybody enjoyed vising our stand, it actually became an improvisational photo zone of this “Advertising” exhibition. Visitors could hardly pay no attention to our stand, practically every third person stopped and took a photo in front of our masterpieces, based on the well-known Russian folk fairy-tale. And we are happy to see it. We wish everybody to find reliable and creative partners, who like a firebird could contribute to prosperity and success!”

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