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Today, not a single serious event can do without a photo zone: the opening of an exhibition, a new store, a car dealership, a bank branch, and even a family holiday. Success depends on the degree of creativity, and uniqueness. Therefore, it is no coincidence that this year's new trend has become a photo zone with sequins and balls. Why with sequins? Because they create a festive mood by their very existence. And the balls are the undoubted symbol of the holiday. The main thing is to choose them correctly.

Photo zone from sequins

Each sequin photo zone is the central decoration of the holiday. That is why it is so important to pay attention to its design, color matching, and the shape of the number of sequins in every panel in order to match the overall style and theme of the event. Colored or plain balloons emphasize the magic of sequins and give the right mood to the event. After all, a photo zone with sequins and balls is not only a design element but a place for photo and video shooting of the main characters and important guests of the event.

Living sequin photo zone

What do you need to know in order to properly arrange a photo zone from sequins and balloons?

  • It is important to choose the right color for balloons. For a wedding - white, blue, pale pink, for a children's event - balls of bright colors. To present an event or open a new store, the sequin photo zone should be decorated with corporate color balls so that they emphasize the importance of the event and the seriousness of the company that decided to talk about it;
  • The right choice of composition is half the success of a good sequin photo zone for any event. A good designer probably knows what techniques can focus on the elements of the photo zone;
  • The choice of the location of the photo zone with sequins and balls is as important as the design and the general idea. If the event and photo session are held outdoors, you should make sure that the bright colors of nature do not overlap the color background of the photo zone, distracting attention from what is happening;
  • If sequins with a mirror coating are chosen for the photo zone, reflecting the rays of light, and scattering sunbeams around, balloons should also be bright, shiny, silvery, golden

Thus, thanks to such a decorative element as balloons, the sequin photo zone becomes more voluminous and impressive.

If a mirror photo zone made of sequins was chosen, silver or gold balloons would be most welcome for its design. Balloons can be transparent and opaque, filled with helium or confetti, luminous, and depicting fairy tale characters, and company symbols, of various shapes and sizes. Garlands and aero mosaics, numbers and letters from balloons - all this is possible for additional decoration of the photo zone. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to forget that sequins are the main element of the photo zone that creates magic.

order Photo Zone with Sequins, Sequins background, SolaAir

Even the simplest photo zone, created from panels with sequins, can attract more attention than a bright and impressive background image. Because the secret of the magic of sequins is the unpredictability of their movement. Thanks to them, the picture can come to life, play with colors and rays of light. You can order a photo zone for your event or just buy a sequin background, decorating it correctly with balloons, and you and your guests will be in a festive mood.

You can always order the production of a photo zone for your public event on our website from the manufacturer.

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