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The design of the reception area for visitors should be given the closest attention in any beauty salon, fitness club, hairdresser, or hotel. Sequin panels, if used correctly, create the necessary conditions for solving the problem.

Modern dynamic reflective panels diversify the design. A wide range of colour options, shapes of active elements and sizes of sequined panels make it possible to embody the most daring ideas.

Choose a style and create a creative design

The reception area is a showcase, the first thing visitors see. If you want them to become your regular customers, you should pay attention to design details and their implementation.

Sequin panels on their own won't do anything. Until they become part of a thoughtful space that creates an atmosphere and sets the accents of perception. Since sequins are always in motion, they are a way to draw attention to certain areas and emphasize those parts of the interior that you want to highlight in order to win over a potential buyer of services.

How will the panels with sequins help you in the design of the reception area? You can:

  • make a bright background from the panels on the reception wall;
  • turn the meeting place of visitors into a photo zone where they can take a selfie, share it with social networks and thereby advertise your club;
  • simply place a company logo to emphasize the solidity of your salon or office and not distract the visitor's attention from the questions of the host staff

To realize all creative ideas, it is not enough just to go to the manufacturer's website to buy sequin panels. It would be more correct to order these panels, choosing the colour, shape and number of sequins in the panel. Be sure to pay attention to such a parameter as the effect created. This may be the movement of the applied image or the reflection of light streams: glare, splashes of light, or sunbeams.

You can, of course, limit yourself to the standard design of the reception area, but if the visitor does not see a memorable picture at the entrance to your salon or club, this is unlikely to help remember your office. When ordering panels with sequins, you can buy the very creative solution, without which there are no successful sales.

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