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Good advertising should be noticeable. Well-chosen sequin panels, which use an eye-catching color palette, will do more than a static banner or sign. After all, these sequins make a still image come to life, favorably emphasizing its primary colors and idea.

Original advertising from sequins

The Reflection Technology company has created dynamic reflective panels with sequins that attract attention. They can be used in any advertising project: for outdoor advertising (banner on the wall, signboard for a salon, shop, fitness center, or club), as well as for interior advertising (posters, information stands, layouts, photo zones, logos, etc.). ). A wide selection of colors and textures allows designers to embody the most daring ideas in order to attract attention and maintain the image.

You can use sequins that have different surfaces, textures, and effects:

  • glossy mirror of seventeen kinds of colors, including silver;
  • glossy with satin effect in twenty-four colors. Among them there are amber, coral, satin chrome;
  • ordinary glossy;
    • having the effect of a chameleon, and in six versions: blue and pink, yellow and pink, lilac and yellow, blue, purple and yellow, orange and crimson, green and blue;
  • rainbow in five variants;
    • having a different texture: sparkling powder colors, sparkling with a golden rain, sparkling with silver;
    • color splatter effect: gold on black, silver on black, rainbow on black, white silver and white rainbow

The company also offers to create advertising media using SolaAir Print technology. You can apply a multi-color image of any color on demand.

buy panels with sequins , Multicolored Sequins panels, SolaAir

SolaAir's sequin panels are efficient and durable and do not need electricity (except for night lighting for outdoor advertising). This is an exciting and lively advertisement that is noticeable, recognizable, and effective. You can order or buy these sequin panels if you need to draw attention to your business: a club, a shop, a restaurant, a cafe, a salon, or a medical center. By choosing these panels with sequins, you get an effective way to promote your product or your service at the best price. You can order dynamic reflective panels in any major city or through our website online with delivery literally to your office.

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