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You can make your home and office stylish using decorative panels with sequins. These dynamic reflective structures are literally created to please the eye, and surprise guests or visitors with a variety of colors and play of light.

The magic of movement and the play of light is the main trump card of such structures. Panels with sequins are pretty flexible and light and can become both the central element of the decor and emphasize its advantages.

Decorative paneling

Sequins are small elements of various shapes that are not rigidly fixed in the panel. From a slight vibration or breath of air, they set in motion. The flow of air makes the pattern or picture created with the help of sequins come to life. If there is a mirror coating on the sequins, moving, they turn into small mirrors, letting out sunbeams and splashes of light around.

Among the main trends in modern interior design is the creation of various decorative panels imitating a carpet or tapestry, a picture, various patterns, and applications. And here the panels with sequins come in handy. With their help, you can:

  • Make a beautiful decorative panel on the entire wall at the reception in a hotel or a club, or a fitness center. The surface can be completely made of panels with sequins or you can focus on the logo of the company;
  • It is correct to use a niche in the house, which is clearly out of the general style and interferes with making it complete and modern;
  • A picture of sequins will decorate a private house, an office, a club, a hotel lobby, or a beauty salon

The main difference between sequins and other decor elements is that the image on the panel, the main elements of the logo, and the picture of panels with sequins suddenly start to move from a slight draft or vibration. And then the moving elements of the panels come into motion, attracting the attention of others.

If you want to buy decorative panels, on our website you can find a large selection of sequins of various shapes and colors, made using Solaair technology. With the advice of our designers, you can easily select and order any decorative panels. Prices depend on the size of the panels, the number of reflective elements in them, and the total area of the structure that will decorate your office or home.

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