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The secret of a good photo zone is not only in its design but also in how unusual it is. The sequin photo zone attracts attention and decorates any event, whether it is an anniversary celebration, a corporate meeting, a profile exhibition or a wedding.

The main task of the photo zone is to create good conditions for photo shoots and video shooting, so that the resulting pictures and videos help in the promotion of the company, serve corporate interests, and leave wonderful memories of the celebrations which were one of the main design elements. It is worth ordering or buying a dynamic photo zone so that the goals of the event are achieved. The thing is that this live photo zone with sequins is the best choice.

The magic of sequins for the photo zone

The very design of the dynamic panels that make up the photo zone suggests a certain element of magic when it would seem that a static image suddenly starts to move as if it comes to life. Small pieces of plastic begin to move under the influence of a light breath of wind, and vibration. As a result, the image applied to their surface begins to change and move. If the sequins were given the properties to reflect sunlight, the photo zone turns into a festive firework of sun glare, scatters light splashes. That is why a sequin photo zone is useful for any event where there is time to capture emotions, and a good mood and eventually remember how it all happened, looking at the photo and watching the video.

The graduation photo zone

Graduation from school, college or university is too important not to capture in photos and videos. A live photo zone will help create a festive atmosphere and decorate this important event. Surely, many graduates will watch videos and photos of this event more than once. Sequins photo zone at the graduation has long been an invariable attribute of such events.

The sequins photo zone for birthdays, weddings and anniversary

Birthdays or anniversaries, and wedding celebrations are great occasions to make a beautiful photo session and video filming. The heroes of the occasion will certainly be pleased to relive the emotions that they experienced during the celebrations, which the closest and dearest people came to share. It does not matter for which event you need a photo zone: for a birthday, wedding or anniversary. In any case, the sequins photo zone will ensure the success of this celebration.

Christmas sequins photo zone - the road to a fairy tale

Christmas holidays are full of emotions, new meetings and pleasant experiences. It's time to organize a Christmas photo shoot against the backdrop of a photo zone of sequins so that for a long time there will be pleasant memories of seeing off the old and welcoming the new year. Just as it is impossible to imagine a New Year's holiday without a Christmas tree and Santa Claus, so festive celebrations are impossible without a good New Year's sequin photo zone.

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The photo zone with sequins and balloons

Of course, a photo zone made of sequins is a completely independent element of the event design. But inflatable balloons are also a symbol of the holiday, whether it is the opening of a new store or a new representative office of a company. Sequins and balls as two important elements can work together. The photo zone made of sequins, with balloons will help to hold an important event for your company.

The pink sequin photo zone

The photo zone with sequins does not limit the imagination of its designer but gives it a new impetus. For example, the pink sequin photo zone is a new trend in the design of photo zones for special occasions: weddings, the birth of the first child, family celebrations with the participation of family members, etc. The pink colour is very warm and homely, creating an atmosphere of a cosy family holiday. If pink is a corporate colour for your company, then you can use it when creating a photo zone.

The gold sequins photo zone

Gold attracts the eye like a magnet. If this is a photo zone in which golden sequins are used, it will certainly be popular, as well as those who will conduct a photo shoot in front of it. After all, gold glitters like sequins, and can shine like the sun. A photo zone made of gold sequins guarantees the success of your event. Important events require special attention in their design in order to provide good motivation for the further development of your company.

The silver sequins photo zone

If gold shines on its own, then silver sequins have enough movement magic to draw attention to those who are holding a photo shoot in front of them. Silver is metal no less noble than gold. He personifies the purity of thoughts and deeds. A photo zone decorated in silver will just serve as a good opportunity to demonstrate these thoughts and good deeds. Silver is also often the personification of magic. So, a photo zone made of silver sequins is the best way to convey it to others. Use these sequins to decorate your important events.

Prices for photo zones are quite easy to calculate. All information is on our website. The total cost of the order depends on the area of the photo zone, the number of panels and sequins in each, and the selected effect (movement or reflection of light). You can contact our specialist and clarify the details of the order. We have delivery panels for photo zones all over the world.

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