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"Sequin" is translated from French as "a grain of gold, sparkle." Sequins now really look like the same sequins that have been used to decorate outfits in different countries of the world for a long time.

Today, this small colored circle, similar to confetti, is widely used not only as an element of clothing decoration. Special panels with sequins have been used in advertising banners and in room decor. To do this, panels were developed that allow bright sequins to rotate freely and create an extravaganza of light and movement.

Decor with sequins in the apartment, house, and office Flickering and playing of light, the illusion of a reviving image printed on panels with sequins, a large palette of colors, and a good choice of textures did not leave designers indifferent. Today, sequin decor is already a fashionable trend in the design of offices, clubs, restaurants, bars, shops, and private estates.

We offer five creative design ideas for those who want to get a really stylish and modern interior, attract the attention of guests and visitors, and win over those who are visiting for the first time.

Sequin decor: five great ideas

  1. A carpet in a frame.
    Of course, the carpet on the wall itself, especially in an office or a club, can hardly become something unusual and attract attention. But imagine that this is a "carpet" of panels with sequins, and it is placed in a stylish baguette. Under the action of a slight vibration or a puff of air, the image on it comes into motion. It is impossible to pass by such an interior detail.
  2. A picture in a frame.
    If the idea of a carpet seemed too grandiose to you, try decorating the office wall with a picture of ... sequins. Any whimsical pattern can be repeated by sequins collected in small panels carefully fitted to each other. The smaller the size of the sequins, the closer the pattern is to the oil painting. Sequin decor - an endless choice of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes for a real work of decorative art, placed in a beautiful baguette. By the way, it is not necessary that the “picture” strikes with a variety of colors. You can grab attention with texture and shape.
  3. A quote from sequins.
    A good quote said at the right time, helps to make the right decision. The well-formed quote on the office wall raises the status of someone who guessed to use sequin decor to create it. Due to the shape and size of the panels and sequins, you can choose a sans-serif typeface so that nothing interferes with the perception of the saying and the correct assessment of its meaning.
  4. Volumetric applications.
    Using the technique of paper-plasticity, a three-dimensional image is created on the wall: figures, decorative elements, etc. And the sequins here are simply irreplaceable. They help to make flat voluminous. Moreover, due to the effect of movement, they give volumetric figures a special charm. Even plain sequins are able to create an accent exactly where it is required.
  5. The magic mirror.
    It is possible, with the help of white, silver, or any other shiny sequins of light colors, to create an almost mirror-like wall. Such decor with sequins will not only visually increase the volume of the room in which the magic mirror is located, but also add illumination in those places where there is not enough light (corridor, hall, etc.). Sparkling with iridescent shades, a magic sequin mirror is perfect for both a modern office and as a decoration for a room after renovation.

best design ideas, sequin décor, SolaAir

Sequin decor is a good opportunity to create an unusual design at a minimal cost for ideas and materials. The main thing is to use sequins correctly and not get carried away with complex designs. We ship worldwide You can order panels with sequins on our website.

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